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HP/Torque Increase for 02 Mustang

Discussion in '1994-2004 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Snowman99, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. Snowman99

    Snowman99 New Member

    Apr 7, 2002
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    Hey everyone. Alright, well after looking at all of my choices for cars, I have decided to stay away from the imports and get an '02 3.8L Mustang.

    1. My dad won't let me get a used GT one, so I need all your expert help on gettin the horsepower and torque of my mustang as high as possible w/o buying a really expensive turbo, i'm thinking more along the lines of minor mods like CAI and such. So if you guys could help me out and list things that I can add, approximate cost, where to buy them, and difficulty of installation, that would be great.

    2. Does anyone know how to convert this car to a dual exhaust system... i looked thru the forums but i mostly just saw people talking about them... if you know how to do it or where to get info... or if u know a thread already on this issue.. i'd appreciate it.

    AIM SN for direct communication - Sn0wman99 (the 0 is a zero)
  2. Paul

    Paul Loaded to the gunwails

    Jun 8, 2001
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    Buy some take-offs and take them to a muffler shop. Not much easier than that.
  3. Wyldkat_Murray

    Wyldkat_Murray Had a stang, miss her.

    Mar 4, 2002
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    Glasgow, KY
    Your easy and cheap mods include:

    dual exhaust
    tires (underestimated) :mad:
    Trans-Go kit (if AODE)

    after a while, you might want to go with 3.73 or 4.10 gear ratios, ported & polished heads & intakes, headers, NOS, or raising your displacement to 4.2.

    If you come across enough money, though, just go for an engine swap.

    Just have fun and make the car the car that you want to have. It takes time and money to build up a car, but thats all part of the game. Hope I helped.
  4. 3.8L_of_Pain

    3.8L_of_Pain Street Performance Dawg

    Mar 27, 2002
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    Southern California Orange County

    Please the the mods below that I have done to my car. They have really put some funk in my V-6 and it is much quicker than when I purchased it bone stock. In fact, it is almost like a different car. The sound will scare the $hit out of you. Here is what I paid for them, but you might be able to beat the price.

    Denscharger - $90 (installed it myself)
    Superchip - $ 300 (custmom burned and includes installation)
    3.73:1 gears ($500 includes installation)
    Dual Exhaust ($500 includes installation).

    So I have spent about $1400 in mods but I am totally pleased. The SPINTECH dual exhaust is less well known, but it is bad-ass. Added 11 hp to the rear wheels, I watched the dyno tests on my car. The 3.73 gears made an significant difference. And the Densecharger surprised me with the power gain.
  5. Major Carnage

    Major Carnage New Member

    Jun 6, 2004
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    I also have a 2002 3.8L 5-speed. The warranty is just about to expire since I'm at 34K miles and drive 100 miles a day. I noticed a slight engine ping comming from the passenger side of the engine especially when warm and around 2700RPM +/- 500. There was a warranty fix for it where they replaced the valve cover with an updated version for it so that the carbon buildup would not make a loud "carbon ping" on deceleration. After the fix, I still heard the same noise a few days later, but much less than before. I went to three Ford dealers, each telling me that the slight "tap tap tap tap tap" sound at around 3000RPM is normal for Ford engines and is nothing more than the fuel injectors firing. I listened to a 4.6 04 Mustang and there was no "tap tap" sound, but when cold, my 3.8 02 Mustang doesn't make the sound either.

    I am very surprised that the top speed of my car is only supposed to be around 130MPH. I'm sure that the stupid computer (ECM) is trying to limit my speed. In my old Chevy Beretta 2.8L V6, I could do 137MPH on 15 inch wheels. I am sure that the 3.8L mustang on my 16 inch wheels can do at least 140 and I'm hoping for 150-ish. Also, the speed shop told me that for a 2002 mustang, you can't get a superchip for $330, but would sell me a programmer for $430 that he said I could use to tune the car myself. ANybody have a programmer that I could "borrow" or rent for $20? Let's look at the factory speeds I've calculated by the gear ratio:

    Tire Ratio: 7.6

    3.35:1 means 20MPH at 3000RPM
    1.99:1 means 34MPH at 3000RPM
    1.33:1 means 51MPH at 3000RPM
    1.00:1 means 68MPH at 3000RPM
    0.68:1 means 100MPH at 3000RPM

    3.35:1 means 27MPH at 4000RPM
    1.99:1 means 45MPH at 4000RPM
    1.33:1 means 68MPH at 4000RPM
    1.00:1 means 90MPH at 4000RPM
    0.68:1 means 133MPH at 4000RPM

    3.35:1 means 34MPH at 5000RPM
    1.99:1 means 57MPH at 5000RPM
    1.33:1 means 85MPH at 5000RPM
    1.00:1 means 113MPH at 5000RPM
    0.68:1 means 166MPH at 5000RPM

    Tire Ratio: 8.0

    3.35:1 means 21MPH at 3000RPM
    1.99:1 means 36MPH at 3000RPM
    1.33:1 means 54MPH at 3000RPM
    1.00:1 means 71MPH at 3000RPM
    0.68:1 means 105MPH at 3000RPM

    3.35:1 means 28MPH at 4000RPM
    1.99:1 means 48MPH at 4000RPM
    1.33:1 means 72MPH at 4000RPM
    1.00:1 means 95MPH at 4000RPM
    0.68:1 means 140MPH at 4000RPM

    3.35:1 means 30MPH at 5000RPM
    1.99:1 means 60MPH at 5000RPM
    1.33:1 means 90MPH at 5000RPM
    1.00:1 means 119MPH at 5000RPM
    0.68:1 means 175MPH at 5000RPM

    As far as mods go, I also want to get some extra horsepower, but the $$ to do it seems very high. I just want an extra 60 or 70 HP so that I get the stock GT power out of my V6 (192HP from the factory). My plan is to pay less than a GT for the V6, then affordably hook up my V6 to get it to at least the stock V8 power. NOS seems cheap and gives just about that Horsepower for my V6, but it's very limited, can only run it for about 15 seconds, needs to be refilled, and I've heard it's not safe to use without other engine mods.

    Supercharger costs too much. NOS not permanent solution, costs around $500 or $1000 installed, and who wants to hit the button each time you are at a red light and some impala or monte carlo thinks they are better - lol. Actually, our stock 3.8L smokes the impala from what I've personally seen. I think our 3.8L stock can smoke all the other stock V6's out there, but I could be wrong (I hope I'm not wrong - but hope to find out!).

    I was thinking about some stock 17x8 wheels since I now have the 16x7.5 inch wheels and all factory shipped 17x8 Mustang wheels made in the last 10 years or so will fit my V6. The 16x7.5 get burned up too easily when I take off, so maybe the 17x8 will last a little longer. Hopefully, I can find some GT owner who upgraded their 17x8 for some 18 x 9 or 20 x 10.5 wheels and wants to get rid of their factory 17x8's cheap (like $100).

    I put the $50 K&N air filter in, not sure how much extra HP that is, but if it was at least 5HP, I'd be happy. Now, gotta get another 65 HP out of it for as cheap as possible.

    Let me know what you think, especially if you have a 2002 V6 Mustang, or know of mods that can be done for a few hundred bucks that will give me the 65HP boost without killing the engine.

  6. BigD-Stang

    BigD-Stang New Member

    Jun 2, 2004
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    Biglerville, PA
    To get the 70hp you're looking for, you are going to have to look past the "bolt on's". Here is what I have planned for my 02 Mustang and have calculated that the power gaining "bolt on's" will net about 40hp, give or take. But the real increase will come from the Vortech Superechager as soon as I have the $$$! ;)

    Current MODS:
    Mac Cold Air Induction Kit
    Eibach 1" Lowering Springs
    Ford Racing Cobra Series, Front and Rear Anti-Roll-Bars
    TOKICO Performance Shocks/Struts
    18x9 Polished Saleen Replica Wheels
    245-40-18 Nankang NS-2 Tires
    Mustang Windshield Graphics (silver)
    Mustang Rear Bumper Inserts (black)

    MODS to come:
    GT fog lights
    MotorVator Throttle Body Spacer
    MAC Direct Replacment "Conversion" Dual Exhaust
    MOTOBLUE H.O. Power Pulley Kit
    DiabloSport Delta Chip (custom tuned)
    NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
    MOTOBLUE 160ยบ Powerstat
    GoodYear GatorBack Belt
    MAC Direct Replacement Short Tube Headers
    7.5" Gear Set 3.73 ratio
    MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires
    3-point Strut Tower Brace
    Double-cross Sub frame Connectors
    2-point G-Load Brace
    And last but not least.......
    Vortech SuperCharger System 7psi Boost

    Now not all the mods I have listed are power gaining I just listed all my plans. The springs, shocks, struts, wheels and tires have made a world of difference and she handles like a dream!!!
  7. 02redpony

    02redpony Know Your Enemy

    Feb 19, 2004
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    The search button works wonders :thumbup: and welcome to the site :cool:
  8. Jarrell

    Jarrell Cammed Fury

    Dec 12, 2003
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    Don't wast your money on the tb spacer.

    And I suggest an sct chip instead. You can buy them from RPM or VMP. From the looks of your list it looks like you will be buying from RPM outlet. I wouldn't suggest that either.
  9. BigD-Stang

    BigD-Stang New Member

    Jun 2, 2004
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    Biglerville, PA
    I actually have purchased from RPM Outlet and they screwed up my order. So I am looking elsewhere. I like to find a place that handles everything so it all comes from one place. I feel it just makes things easier. Any suggestions?
  10. Maverik

    Maverik New Member

    Jun 12, 2003
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    Manhattan Beach, CA
    Check out rpm-mustangs.com or velocitymustangperformance.com or extremeffects.com... I think there are others so my bad if I forgot them... this is just for boltons also, big engine work would be supersixmotorsports.com, rpm-mustangs.com (again), or moranav6racing.com at least for now. I know extreme effects are coming out with some more than just bolt on stuff soon.
    Oh also, you cannot reuse a programmer on different cars... once used once on a car it scans the computer and will not allowitself to be used on another one, good way to keep from reselling them at a loss to hypertech or whoever might make it.
  11. '02Stang

    '02Stang New Member

    May 27, 2004
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    South Orange County, CA
    This kit is off extremeeffects... http://www.extremeeffect.com/mmffkit.html
    it says that you can gain an extra 30 rwhp and includes the stuff you need to have true duals. If $1400 is too expensive try looking for these specific parts on other websites or ebay (can find them very cheap) and once you buy all the parts take them to get them installed (or do it yourself). Then you can get 4.10 gears(and the transgo shift kit $100), if your car is auto, or the 3.73 gears for manual and get those installed. Look around the sponsors websites for products and I'm sure more guys will help you out here. PM if you have more specific questions