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  1. Martio
    Would anybody know why the AC vents only blow cold on passenger side and driver side no?
  2. Martio
    Changed plugs, fuel,air,oil filters, new radiator, anti freeze, Goodyear tires, tie rods on my 06 pony pkg mustang. Looking for next upgrade
  3. Frank R.
    Frank R.
    engine run ruff has new plug an wires
  4. Jonezie
    Jonezie kgrammer
    Ok then Great minds thing alike !
  5. Martio
    Renting all American muscle cars. Mustangs got it right.
  6. Martio
    My 2nd choice
  7. playerhot
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  8. Remedy15
  9. oathsv6
    oathsv6 DBQ mustangs
    i have something to show you
  10. oathsv6
    oathsv6 DBQ mustangs
    How do i send you pictures?
  11. DBQ mustangs
    DBQ mustangs
    Current rides 2012 Mustang, 2001 Lightning, 88 Mustang Convertible
  12. oathsv6
    Hi Love all things mustang especially v6
  13. tictac
    tictac JeffSeb
    Hey man. What's up? Whatever happened to stangnation.com ? It seems to have died. Where are all the cool WA mustang kids hanging out now?

    Later man,
  14. falconguy
    falconguy Echonan
    If I can post two pictures I'll show you
  15. mustang024
    mustang024 Miles
    Hey Miles,

    I will take the mafia shipped to 11720 you got a paypal?
  16. john hart
  17. chichi
  18. falconguy
    falconguy JTsStang
    I've sent two pictures of the Falcon. I'll be getting a dyno tune this coming week and will post the results. Should not be spectacular as It is pretty much stock. My wife is also into old cars for which I am already planning a stroked and supercharged 3.7. I believe 500 hp is possible and with a light body could be campaigned at the strip once in a while.
  19. Captain Max Silver
    Captain Max Silver
    Come A Long Way Since First Started Build!!
  20. Captain Max Silver
    Captain Max Silver mysteed
    Any Help Welcome, Want To Swap Out Head Bolts For Studs, 2000 3.8 V6. Only Arp Stud Kits Are For Super Coupe.
    To My Knowledge They Were SAE Bolts Or Studs On Those Engines. Any One Know What The Sizes Are To Replace
    My Metric Bolts For Studs, Using Arp Catalog As Reference?