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New Profile Posts

  1. Andrew C
    Andrew C
    Six Sense of Frenzy
  2. Pastor P
    Pastor P
    New wheels on LeeAnn, and i took off the mac axle back and changed it to spintech axle back exhaust, sounds much better to me.
  3. Aquick6
    hello all,
  4. Tim Gowern
    Tim Gowern mysteed
    how to install the left hand cruise control switch on my 06 Mustang
  5. _jakepoland_
    _jakepoland_ gabriel d
    looks like i have the same car you have, i want to delete my cats... will that be a good choice? or a bad one
  6. _jakepoland_
    Trying to look for a good sounding V6 setup for my 2012 3.7. Should I delete the cats and keep the resonators on? i'm not sure. any ideas?
  7. Captain Max Silver
    Captain Max Silver
    Been Working On My Mustang, Bad Weather (Irma) Got In Way. Back On Road Soon!!
  8. Captain Max Silver
    Captain Max Silver
    Been Working On My Mustang For Awhile Now, And She's Getting There. Sort Of Hung-up In Garage From Irma
  9. clever351
  10. clever351
    02 acquired in 06 60k then 170k now. permanent family member.
  11. californiaguy
    californiaguy گیفت کارت رایگان
    IM wondering if I need to get my 2015 v6 transmission checked before my 60.000 mile warranty is up? I have 56,000 now. I think the dealer charges . I do feel a shift bump in traffic at times no slips though.
  12. John
    Wtf its been exactly a year since I posted.. strange...
  13. Project2004
    Installed the SR Performance CAI today.
  14. Project2004
    So I just bought a 2004 Convertible for my 15 year old daughter. This will be her first car.
  15. Hector Graciani
    Hector Graciani
    Back st it did a ton of work over the weekend, how do I post pics
  16. Barelybob
    I am having problems removing the computer from my 1995 V6. Am I missing something?
  17. Sonic232Stang
    Sonic232Stang CrazyStang
    What's my old friend. Hope all is well brother
  18. Rene Rodriguez
    Rene Rodriguez
    I own a 03 v6 mustang 3.8
  19. rexig
    Just starting all over (new to ford).
  20. JoshD14
    JoshD14 mysteed
    I have a 2014 v6 3.7L mustang and I want to put a exhaust on it. What is the best option?