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New Profile Posts

  1. Marc Harris
    Marc Harris Mustangman570
    Hi would like to speak with you concerning the barras engines you acquired
  2. Jason Williams
    Jason Williams
    hi, I am new here. I have a 2000 v6 mustang. Looking for some useful information :)
  3. John High
    John High
    Hi, new member here. I have a 1986 Mustang LX convertible 3.8 V6... However looks like I may have joined the wrong V6 Forum. ??
  4. bud
    Retired very happily with my squirrel dog Pearl. seeing whats next in life/
  5. James Carr
    James Carr fasterthanyou
    Hey man your close to me I live in south Ga and work in the Bahamas i'm in west palm all the time let me by you a cup of coffee sometime
  6. 89FoxSC4.3
    Time to go to work to make some stang build money.
  7. 89FoxSC4.3
    Working on the 94 just hope my cam sensor comes in today, if not o well can just do it tomorrow.
  8. 89FoxSC4.3
    Trying to pry myself outta the bed early to go work on the mustang some.
  9. 89FoxSC4.3
    Halfway threw the work night.
  10. 89FoxSC4.3
    Time to hit the sack.I’m on nights one more week so maybe I’ll have time to get up and tinker with the car some before work.
  11. iced1969
    owner of 1998 V6 Ford Mustang
  12. 89FoxSC4.3
    Well time to hit the night shift.
  13. 89FoxSC4.3
    About to go into work soon looking on the net for my future project parts list.
  14. 89FoxSC4.3
    Tearing down 2000 engine for my project hoping the block ain’t hurt.
  15. robert lugo
    robert lugo mysteed
    I am in search of an idler pulley setup for a 3.8 m112 setup, I think u got everything else in order.
  16. dchall89
    I think I know what I'm doing.....
  17. Brosh67
    Im looking to tackle a very big project, building a 427 cammer to put in a 2007 mustang my big concern is the wiring
  18. Rabbit98
    I'm having issues starting my car it doesn't click like the starter is bad so what's wrong with it??
  19. dchall89
    Just trying to keep it on the road :D
  20. Racer Roy
    Racer Roy
    Living the best life, one apex at a time