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03 v6 5-speed, now with Nitrous!

  • I picked up a running Mustang for a great price from a buddy of mine. It has some quirks, but I'm slowly ironing them out. I figured I'll create a little timeline of photos here to track progress. The only thing it had done when I got it was a rusty intake with a crumbling filter.

    Known Issues
    Leaking rear main seal
    Throwout bearing is shot
    Leaking rear wheel seal
    Exhaust leak around headers
    Cracked/Fogged Headlights
    Dented front driver's side fender
    Bent front driver's side strut
    Missing spoiler

    Painted intake piping and installed new filter

    Installed new headlights


    Installed Mach 1 chin spoiler


    Installed SR lowering springs and new shocks/struts all around

    Made IAC restrictor plate to fix hanging RPM's
    • Used scrap sheet metal and drilled two 1/4" holes. Used RTV to seal the side with no gasket.

    Installed new Sub and Amp: 12" Alpine Type S, Pioneer GM-D8601

    Installed camber bolts


    Installed new head unit, fixed popping from speakers

    Installed new clutch and rear main seal. Flywheel resurfaced.

    Repaired and installed OEM spoiler

    Installed new wheels/tires - American Muscle Staggered Saleen Wheels & Nitto NT555 Tires

    Replaced weathered 3rd brake light with a new tinted LED light

    Installed DynoTune wet nitrous kit (75-shot) and purge kit

    Had alignment done

    Replaced both front lower ball joints

    Flashed custom Bama tune, 93 Octane + Nitrous race tune

    Painted calipers and dust shields. Woohoo!

    Installed Pacesetter shorty headers.

    Replaced outer tie rod ends. Got another alignment.

    Installed Ford Racing 3.73 gears
    Replaced all bearings and seals in the rear end

User Comments

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  1. badbrad
    Have you ran it with the Nitrous yet?
    1. tec_41
      I actually sold the car a little while back, but I did run a few tanks through it. It was a lot of fun, actually! With the gears, tune, and 75-shot I was able to keep up with my buddy's Charger R/T for a bit haha
      tec_41, May 11, 2015
    2. badbrad
      pretty cool man
      badbrad, May 11, 2015
  2. 02RedLaser
    Did you replace your rear main seal by yourself? mines leaking and was wondering how much of a pain in the butt it is to replace. Im pretty sure it requires dropping the trans, oil pan, and taking off the flex plate to do it.
    1. tec_41
      Yeah I did it the help from a mechanic friend on a lift, the same time the clutch was done. If you have to replace the clutch, now would be the time! Otherwise if it's not leaking too badly I'd recommend living with it.

      Oil pan can stay, everything else has to go though.
      tec_41, Nov 18, 2014
  3. audioAl
    You've done quite a bit of work to that ol' pony, nice job, makes you proud! Thanks for the views!
      tec_41 likes this.
  4. JeffSeb
    I agree, as soon as you got those rims and tires on there it tied everything together. Well done.
  5. MustangFanatic427
    Insanely cheap for as much car as you got. I thought 1500 was a decent price and mine had similar issues other than rear main. that's no fun! as far as leaking exhaust... these junk headers or manifolds whichever you want to call them appear to be a nightmare but i have never gotten into mine
  6. Duggie
    Love watching a project car in the works . I'm interested in knowing if you have a budget from the start to finish and where you end up. That would help a lot of others who are thinking of doing the same. I'll be following this build. Also can you list parts new and used if you are going to show budget on this build. Thanks for sharing.
    1. tec_41
      I don't have any set budget, but I will definitely update with prices on everything I've purchased thus far. And I'll try to include where I got everything from. Thanks for the kind words!
      tec_41, May 27, 2014
  7. getsidewayzdrift
    dude, the new wheels and tires make all the difference, super nice!
    1. tec_41
      Thank you! I totally agree. Of course they were the most expensive component yet :p
      tec_41, May 12, 2014
  8. Brent
    Wow that is a great price. Be interested to see how much you put into it to get it healthy again.
    1. tec_41
      I've been dying for another project car! I have a feeling I'll be sinking a little too much into it...but I think it's justified with such a low initial investment.
      tec_41, Apr 3, 2014