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08'MustangDude's 2008 Mustang

  • Will contain mods, additions, and repairs.

    01/29/18 - Bought Car, Smail Kia. The coolant temperature gauge was bad, would never settle
    in the same place, so every time it warmed up, it was in a different position. Harsh shift into
    reverse. Called while on my way home, they said they'd take care of it. Took it back a week
    later, they typed up a one time complimentary repair invoice.

    02/9/18 - Gauge Cluster Replaced (With 72910mi) Smail Acura, Transmission Service Smail Ford.
    --------> Brake/ABS/TCS Lights On, Incorrect Cluster/Programming.
    02/15/18 - Found the air-box lid was not on correctly, locking tabs were not pushed into slots
    02/19/18 - Oil Catch can temp install till new bracket arrives.
    02/25/18 - Single tube strut brace.
    02/18/18 - Catch can finished.
    03/16/18 - Added my own trunk light.
    03/17/18 - LED Center Brake Light Mod.
    03/16/18 - Second Gauge Cluster Replacement - Same Problem (Brake/ABS/TCS MILs on)
    --------> Smail Acura Pulled this cluster out, put the 1st one back in and deferred to Smail Ford.
    03/19/18 - Decal Template Complete, On Order!
    03/23/18 - Third Gauge Cluster Replacement (With 49859 Mi), All Working, Even got a free key made.
    --------> Smail FORD Performed This Job, And It Was Done Correctly
    03/27/18 - HH OBDII Dongle w/Torque App For Android.
    04/05/18 - (First Contact Day) - Accel Supercoil Installed.
    04/07/18 - Diablosport Predator U7145 Tuner (SOLD).
    04/13/18 - Eonon Android 7.1 4xCore Radio.
    04/18/18 - Started Dynamat project in the trunk.
    04/20/18 - Gt Style Front Grille w/Fogs & Halos
    04/26/18 - Restored Upper Rad Support Brackets, Bolts, Headlight & Upper Bumper cover Bolts
    05/03/18 - Engine Bay Dress up; Stainless hex-bolts & anodized washers.
    05/04/18 - Spectre Performance Air intake Filter, Rear Side Marker LEDs, Trunk Lid Rear Facing Red LEDs
    05/05/18 - 1st Round of Terran Empire Decals (ISS Hood) Applied
    05/07/18 - Rear tail LEDs, Reverse LEDs, Front Sidemarker & Signal LEDs
    05/14/18 - Finished Engine Bay Dress up, New 19mm Lug Nuts
    06/01/18 - Kicker SCS68 Door Speakers
    06/09/18 - Infinity PR8603CF Deck Speakers, Dynamat Deck Top and Under
    06/14/18 - Cowl Fasteners Replaced With Stainless Bolts & Red Anodized Washers
    06/15/18 - License Plate Bolts Done w/Same As Engine bay
    06/18/18 - Shifter Bezel Painted & Lacquered, Brushed Aluminum Look
    06/21/18 - Shifter Center Cover Painted
    06/23/18 - Installed Dual 2.1A USB Port In Place Of Front Power Point
    07/09/18 - 4 Channel Remote Controlled Relay Center Installed (LED Strip has been in since March)
    07/16-18 - Intune I1000 Tuner to replace the Predator Tuner
    07/20/18 - Replaced Spark Plugs, Used NGK 7159 G-Power Platinum
    07/21/18 - RED LED Grille L/R Side Back-lighting
    08/04/18 - External Weatherproof Volt Meter
    08/09/18 - OnStar FMV Rear View Mirror
    08/11/18 - Laser Grid Pattern Projector - Front Grille
    08/18/18 - Stainless Mesh for Baffle in Oil Catch
    08/22/18 - Foam Rubber applied do door switch housings to stop bass rattle
    08/24/18 - New Rear Shocks, and a set of BMR Rear LCAs
    08/25/18 - Vacuum Caps to Protect Grease Fittings on LCAs
    08/31/18 - Push Button for Factory Amps ON/OFF
    09/04/18 - OE Switch w/Fog Position Installed
    09/15/18 - J&M Panhard Rod, & Diff gear oil change
    09/21/18 - 4.7" Black Carbon Fiber Metal Antenna, Detachable
    09/29/18 - Prepped and Painted The Outside Of The EVAP System Rock Shield
    10/19/18 - Star Trek Gold (Command) Seat Covers
    10/28/18 - BMR Panhard Brace
    10/28/18 - Front Wheel Bearings
    02/13/19 - New Battery
    05/02/19 - Trans Catch Hooked Up to Trans Vent
    05/10/19 - EGR Block Plate Installed (Removed 5/17/19 - No gains)
    05/24/19 - New front Struts & Front End Links
    05/25/19 - Lakewood Lower K-Member Brace
    06/11/19 - 2nd Decal Template Complete, On Order
    06/22/19 - Four of 2nd Set of Decals Applied (Other two, one was in error) - Waiting for Symbols
    06/27/19 - New Rear Calipers & Brackets; Painted & Installed
    06/28/19 - Hood Insulator Push In Fasteners Replaced w/Stainless Bolts w/Anodized RED Collar Washers
    07/03/19 - Final Decals Applied (Front Arrowheads)
    07/06/19 - Front Calipers, Brackets & Pads; Painted & Installed
    07/14/19 - Bought SR Performance Front 35mm and Rear 22mm Sway Bars, Front Adjustable
    ----------> Ordered rear bracket and all bushings, & have arrived.
    07/26/19 - Passenger Door (Rusted Out At Bottom) Replaced In Michigan (Bought Two Doors in Wayne, Michigan; From an '05 GT)
    ----------> Both doors would not fit in the car, so he put the passenger side one on. Also gave me rear sway bar mounting hardware.
    07/27/19 - Driver Door Replaced; Was Really Not Necessary, But I Got Both Done.
    08/03/19 - Installed A 7805 Voltage Regulator For Factory Amp Turn On (Ditched The Resister)
    08/03/19 - SR Performance Rear 22mm Sway Bar Installed
    08/10/19 - SR Performance Front 35mm 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar Installed (Replaced OE 32mm)
    08/21/19 - Changed Radio's Vehicle Emblem BOOT Screen to Terran Empire Logo
    08/26/19 - "Saucer Section" Running Lights "HI" Blink Done, Need Resister For "LO" Constant On Side
    09/06/19 - Resister Added For ON Low, Flash High
    09/11/19 - Serpentine Belt Replaced
    09/18/19 - Front Rotors Replaced
    09/21/19 - Fuel Filter Replaced. New Nuts On Plastic Shield
    10/09/19 - Updated EONON Android Radio Firmware
    10/12/19 - New spark Plug Wires, 8MM Suppression
    10/12/19 - '11'-14 Mustang 19"x9" OEM 5-Split Y Spoke Rims (From cars with Brembo Brake Package)
    11/14/19 - J&M Rear Upper Control Arm
    11/18/19 - Replaced Old Factory Loom On Plug Wires With New
    11/18/19 - Continued Engine Bay Dress Up - Braided Loom
    12/12/19 - Replaced Front Wheel Bearings
    12/12/19 - Replaced Catch Can AN10 Braided Hose With New, Better AN10 Hose
    ----------> Pulled The Fittings From The Original Plastic & Placed Directly In Hoses w/Crimp Clamps @ Fittings
    12/13/19 - Replaced Rear Axle Assembly, Using All Existing Suspension Components
    ----------> Removed and pressed in a new LCA bushing on replacement axle housing
    ----------> Wire brushed diff cover bolt heads and threads, mounting surfaces on cover and diff housing
    ----------> New gasket (with tube of gasket maker), painted diff cover & bolts. Fresh gear oil 70W90, .5qt 70W140
    12/20/19 - Replaced Driveshaft, Cold Galvanized Mating Surfaces
    ----------> Replacement dropped at shop 12/18/20, from the car the rear axle assembly came from
    ----------> Driveshaft sent taken Drive Line Service 12/18/20 for R&R; New U-Joints, Service & Lube slip joint, Balancing
    ----------> Driveshaft picked up from Drive Line 12/19/19, and painted
    12/20/19 - Front rotors replaced; warranty item, no cost (did not fox wobble issue)
    12/27/19 - Transmission Mount Replaced. Inner Ties, and Tie Rod Ends Replaced, & Alignment - Wobble Issue Fixed
    ----------> Rear thrust angle -0.19 -May need new LCA bushings
    12/28/19 - Two New Front Tires
    12/30/19 - Front left wheel bearing growling, replaced with another "Driveworks" bearing
    01/09/20 - Front right LCA replaced. "Driveworks" wheel bearings removed, returned, and swapped with MOOG and installed
    01/14/20 - HVAC blower motor resistor replaced

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  1. Captain Max Silver
    COOL Light Idea!! Like It May Borrow For Mine!!
  2. David Young
    why do you have all those stickers on your hood?
      Captain Max Silver likes this.
    1. Captain Max Silver
      Love Star Trek!!
      Captain Max Silver, Aug 4, 2018
      David Young likes this.
    2. Pete fender
      This is worse than rice!
      Are you Captain Kirk????
      Pete fender, Jul 12, 2019
      David Young likes this.
  3. six gun
    What was the deal with all the gauge clusters?
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    2. six gun
      Cripes guys!
      six gun, Aug 3, 2019
    3. 08'MustangDude
      And the little boy keeps coming back for more. Can't help yourself, can you? The silly little human boy with his toy. A hypocrite who doesn't even know the meaning of the word. You will be back, because you're moron, a member of the 64%. You're the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard. And if I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.
      08'MustangDude, Aug 3, 2019
    4. Pete fender
      Pete fender, Sep 7, 2019