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Will contain mods, additions, and repairs.

01/29/18 - Bought Car, Smail Kia. The coolant temperature gauge was bad, would never settle
in the same place, so every time it warmed up, it was in a different position. Harsh shift into
reverse. Called while on my way home, they said they'd take care of it. Took it back a week
later, they typed up a one time complimentary repair invoice.

02/9/18 - Gauge Cluster Replaced (With 72910mi) Smail Acura, Transmission Service Smail Ford.
--------> Brake/ABS/TCS Lights On, Incorrect Cluster/Programming.
02/15/18 - Found the air-box lid was not on correctly, locking tabs were not pushed into slots
02/19/18 - Oil Catch can temp install till new bracket arrives.
02/25/18 - Single tube strut brace.
02/18/18 - Catch can finished.
03/16/18 - Added my own trunk light.
03/17/18 - LED Center Brake Light Mod.
03/16/18 - Second Gauge Cluster Replacement - Same Problem (Brake/ABS/TCS MILs on)
--------> Smail Acura Pulled this cluster out, put the 1st one back in and deferred to Smail Ford.
03/19/18 - Decal Template Complete, On Order!
03/23/18 - Third Gauge Cluster Replacement (With 49859 Mi), All Working, Even got a free key made.
--------> Smail FORD Performed This Job, And It Was Done Correctly
03/27/18 - HH OBDII Dongle w/Torque App For Android.
04/05/18 - (First Contact Day) - Accel Supercoil Installed.
04/07/18 - Diablosport Predator U7145 Tuner (SOLD).
04/13/18 - Eonon Android 7.1 4xCore Radio.
04/18/18 - Started Dynamat project in the trunk.
04/20/18 - Gt Style Front Grille w/Fogs & Halos
04/26/18 - Restored Upper Rad Support Brackets, Bolts, Headlight & Upper Bumper cover Bolts
05/03/18 - Engine Bay Dress up; Stainless hex-bolts & anodized washers.
05/04/18 - Spectre Performance Air intake Filter, Rear Side Marker LEDs, Trunk Lid Rear Facing Red LEDs
05/05/18 - 1st Round of Terran Empire Decals (ISS Hood) Applied
05/07/18 - Rear tail LEDs, Reverse LEDs, Front Sidemarker & Signal LEDs
05/14/18 - Finished Engine Bay Dress up, New 19mm Lug Nuts
06/01/18 - Kicker SCS68 Door Speakers
06/09/18 - Infinity PR8603CF Deck Speakers, Dynamat Deck Top and Under
06/14/18 - Cowl Fasteners Replaced With Stainless Bolts & Red Anodized Washers
06/15/18 - License Plate Bolts Done w/Same As Engine bay
06/18/18 - Shifter Bezel Painted & Lacquered, Brushed Aluminum Look
06/21/18 - Shifter Center Cover Painted
06/23/18 - Installed Dual 2.1A USB Port In Place Of Front Power Point
07/09/18 - 4 Channel Remote Controlled Relay Center Installed (LED Strip has been in since March)
07/16-18 - Intune I1000 Tuner to replace the Predator Tuner
07/20/18 - Replaced Spark Plugs, Used NGK 7159 G-Power Platinum
07/21/18 - RED LED Grille L/R Side Back-lighting
08/04/18 - External Weatherproof Volt Meter
08/09/18 - OnStar FMV Rear View Mirror
08/11/18 - Laser Grid Pattern Projector - Front Grille
08/18/18 - Stainless Mesh for Baffle in Oil Catch
08/22/18 - Foam Rubber applied do door switch housings to stop bass rattle
08/24/18 - New Rear Shocks, and a set of BMR Rear LCAs
08/25/18 - Vacuum Caps to Protect Grease Fittings on LCAs
08/31/18 - Push Button for Factory Amps ON/OFF
09/04/18 - OE Switch w/Fog Position Installed
09/15/18 - J&M Panhard Rod, & Diff gear oil change
09/21/18 - 4.7" Black Carbon Fiber Metal Antenna, Detachable
09/29/18 - Prepped and Painted The Outside Of The EVAP System Rock Shield
10/19/18 - Star Trek Gold (Command) Seat Covers
10/28/18 - BMR Panhard Brace
10/28/18 - Front Wheel Bearings
02/13/19 - New Battery
05/02/19 - Trans Catch Hooked Up to Trans Vent
05/10/19 - EGR Block Plate Installed (Removed 5/17/19 - No gains)
05/24/19 - New front Struts & Front End Links
05/25/19 - Lakewood Lower K-Member Brace
06/11/19 - 2nd Decal Template Complete, On Order
06/22/19 - Four of 2nd Set of Decals Applied (Other two, one was in error) - Waiting for Symbols
06/27/19 - New Rear Calipers & Brackets; Painted & Installed
06/28/19 - Hood Insulator Push In Fasteners Replaced w/Stainless Bolts w/Anodized RED Collar Washers
07/03/19 - Final Decals Applied (Front Arrowheads)
07/06/19 - Front Calipers, Brackets & Pads; Painted & Installed
07/14/19 - Bought SR Performance Front 35mm and Rear 22mm Sway Bars, Front Adjustable
----------> Ordered rear bracket and all bushings, & have arrived.
07/26/19 - Passenger Door (Rusted Out At Bottom) Replaced In Michigan (Bought Two Doors in Wayne, Michigan; From an '05 GT)
----------> Both doors would not fit in the car, so he put the passenger side one on. Also gave me rear sway bar mounting hardware.
07/27/19 - Driver Door Replaced; Was Really Not Necessary, But I Got Both Done.
08/03/19 - Installed A 7805 Voltage Regulator For Factory Amp Turn On (Ditched The Resister)
08/03/19 - SR Performance Rear 22mm Sway Bar Installed
08/10/19 - SR Performance Front 35mm 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar Installed (Replaced OE 32mm)
08/21/19 - Changed Radio's Vehicle Emblem BOOT Screen to Terran Empire Logo
08/26/19 - "Saucer Section" Running Lights "HI" Blink Done, Need Resister For "LO" Constant On Side
09/06/19 - Resister Added For ON Low, Flash High
09/11/19 - Serpentine Belt Replaced
09/18/19 - Front Rotors Replaced
09/21/19 - Fuel Filter Replaced. New Nuts On Plastic Shield
10/09/19 - Updated EONON Android Radio Firmware
10/12/19 - New spark Plug Wires, 8MM Suppression
10/12/19 - '11'-14 Mustang 19"x9" OEM 5-Split Y Spoke Rims (From cars with Brembo Brake Package)
11/14/19 - J&M Rear Upper Control Arm
11/18/19 - Replaced Old Factory Loom On Plug Wires With New
11/18/19 - Continued Engine Bay Dress Up - Braided Loom
12/12/19 - Replaced Front Wheel Bearings
12/12/19 - Replaced Catch Can AN10 Braided Hose With New, Better AN10 Hose
----------> Pulled The Fittings From The Original Plastic & Placed Directly In Hoses w/Crimp Clamps @ Fittings
12/13/19 - Replaced Rear Axle Assembly, Using All Existing Suspension Components
----------> Removed and pressed in a new LCA bushing on replacement axle housing
----------> Wire brushed diff cover bolt heads and threads, mounting surfaces on cover and diff housing
----------> New gasket (with tube of gasket maker), painted diff cover & bolts. Fresh gear oil 70W90, .5qt 70W140
12/20/19 - Replaced Driveshaft, Cold Galvanized Mating Surfaces
----------> Replacement dropped at shop 12/18/20, from the car the rear axle assembly came from
----------> Driveshaft sent taken Drive Line Service 12/18/20 for R&R; New U-Joints, Service & Lube slip joint, Balancing
----------> Driveshaft picked up from Drive Line 12/19/19, and painted
12/20/19 - Front rotors replaced; warranty item, no cost (did not fox wobble issue)
12/27/19 - Transmission Mount Replaced. Inner Ties, and Tie Rod Ends Replaced, & Alignment - Wobble Issue Fixed
----------> Rear thrust angle -0.19 -May need new LCA bushings
12/28/19 - Two New Front Tires
12/30/19 - Front left wheel bearing growling, replaced with another "Driveworks" bearing
01/09/20 - Front right LCA replaced. "Driveworks" wheel bearings removed, returned, and swapped with MOOG and installed
01/14/20 - HVAC blower motor resistor replaced


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