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1994 V6 Mustang

  • I bought this 94 in 2006 with 213K miles. It was a base model V6 with really cold AC. I added a CAI first. Then I decided I hated crank windows, so I out in dual power windows and door locks. The mustang in the junkyard that I was pulling parts off of had a spoiler and remote trunk latch so I grabbed those too. I was told the 94 was fully wired, but the wire harness I had for the doors would not fit to my car's wiring harness, so I went back and took that too. My 94 had a damaged front bumper and I thought since I was going back out I should get it too, but it was gone by then. While I had some charging issues there was nothing major wrong with the car for the 1st two years, but then I noticed the pulley attached to the crankshaft was wobbling during idle. The following day some a-hole backed into my front end. It was a blessing cause now I had $1900 bucks to repair the Harmonic balance, which had broken, put LED halo style lights on and all the parts I had to replace cost me less than $600. I guy I know fitted the driver front quarter panel and repaired the fiberglass hood for another $300. I had it painted, which I planned to do anyway for $500.
    I gave this car to my nephew in 2012 after I got my new mustang. Hopefully it sparks a new generation of Mustang lovers. The images added are the before and after photos.

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  1. GrumpyStang
    How does your nephew like the ride?
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