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95 Vortech Supercharged ShowStang

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  1. AutoBadges
    It's tough, but when you are in love with the car and did 90% of the work yourself...you take the pride to keep it clean!
  2. Prankster
    I have an SC from an old MR-2 Toyota that is a belt driven unit with a magnetic clutch. I plan to use the cruse control buttons on the steering whill for the on, and off. This setup looks great! You must use magic to keep it so clean. I can't even seem to keep my wheels clean.
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  3. AutoBadges
    Thank you very much. It takes a bit more parts than just a simple swap. You may want to do a search in the forums, as others have done just what you are talking about. Well the OEM vs Vortech...the vortech will produce more power, I believe the TB one will have lots of torque though
  4. Ron n
    I like the way your stang looks nice job.I own a 95 with the 3.8L but after looking at cars like your with the super charger I'm interested. If I was to find a supercharger from a thunderbird or cougar could I bolt it onto my 3.8L without problems or is the supercharged 3.8L different inside?
    and is there a big difference between the vortech super charger and the oem supercharger on the thunderbirds?
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