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My Story: I grew up in an automotive machine shop and around race tracks of all flavors, circle, drag, swamp, etc.
My dad is still actively drag racing at 72 years young,( finished 5th in his last points series) Top Sportsman and Quick 16. Two brothers with Drag cars and one thats inbetween cars. Two of my brothers have their own high performance machine shops and are in competition with each other.
I'm a IT guy or as daughter says "Chief Geek". Mostly as an adultI have avoided hotrods/racing scene except for a few years racing go-karts.
My hobby is Bladesmithing/Blacksmithing, Yes the Technology Professional likes doing old school no tech for fun. Already planning on making a wrought iron shifter handle....
Got My First Mustang when I was 20 it was an 83 Mustang V6 that I drove from South Florida to Los Angelas and back. Did the classic Route 66. Had it for 5 years and none since then (been doing the family car/truck thing)
Now it's time to get a project car, as the saying goes "Built not Bought"

Project car is a 97 Mustang Coupe 3.8L V6 with 5 speed manual Trans.
Current State:
163k miles but engine sounds really good and appears to have been well maintained. No oil leaks and everything looks clean in engine bay.
Body is in good shape, needs paint and minor work.
Underbody has some rust issues that need to be dealt with, nothing that a little welding can’t fix.
Suspension definitely needs work, drivers side sits about an inch lower, wife said I need a diet.
Has a new clutch (6 months) and new tires, with GT wheels.
Prior owner had serious stereo setup entire trunk was all subs (removed) and switches with wires going to nowhere in interior. Otherwise interior is in really good shape.
passenger side window does not roll down.
A/c not working
Seat belts look like they were chewed on by a rabid Chihuahua.
Turn signals not working.
Missing the airbox. Has high performance air filter in place of airbox, but left existing pipe and fixtures in place.
Dash has some minor cracks.
Broken motor mount.
Check engine light is on.
Now the fun begins.......


OK, replaced seatbelts with stocks ones bought on ebay. Striped out nut and had to drill it out and clean out threads with dental pick.
Fixced A/C just needed a Blower motor Resistor, blows cold now. Very important to an old guy in SWF.
Turn signals working just needed new Relay.
Put in a CAI kit to replace wanked up air filter/missing airbox
Cleaned throttle body and MAF
Car is now safe to ride in, has ac and will chirp ties through third gear. ;-)
Used my BAFX with Torque pro to diagnose codes.
PO156, PO161,PO1151,PO175
Fixing the air intake cleared most of the codes.
Ran Sensor diagnostics and confirmed a bad O2 sensor on Bank 2 Sensor 2.
Ordering new sensors.
Welcome! Nice car to start with. Good progress so far. Stay at it. It will sure look good with a little cleaning up and some paint. Should be a fun project.

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