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Captain Max's Place

  • 12/18/19 Here is a list of mods made to my 4.2L Swap Into My 2000 V6 Mustang;

    She Needs The Tune.
    2000 4.2 Short Block New
    Shaved Mains With Morana Stud Girdle
    ARP Main Studs
    COMP Cams 44-702-9 Xtreme Energy Hyd. Roller Camshaft
    Heads P/P
    ARP Head Studs
    New Compcams Beehive Valve Springs
    Keepers From Compcams
    Melling Timing Chain Kit
    Melling Oil Pump
    Manley .120 Wall Push Rods
    302 V8 Roller Lifters Compcams
    Scorpion 1.73 Roller Rockets
    Felpro Gaskets
    Phenolic Spacer
    Ported Upper And Lower Intakes
    ACCUFAB RACING F70V6-1 70MM Throttle Body
    19Lbs 7 Pintel Injectors
    Oil Cooler , Inner And Outer Cooling Fans
    3 Row Radiator
    And A Lot More Blood And Sweat!!
    Off The Top Of My Head That's The Internals
    Almost On Road!! Close!!

    10/18/19 NOW: Been A Couple Of Years Rebuilding My 2000 Mustang Changed: Now 4.2L V6, 50/50 Comp Cam, Scorpion Roller Rockers, Comp Cams 302 lifters Manley .120 Wall Push Rods, Shaved Main Caps For Morana Stud Girdle, F150 4Wheel Drive Oilpan To Fit Over Main Caps, (3.8L Not Workable) Will List As I Get Time Everything Else. Or See Pictures Below!
    Then: Improving Handling and Run Ability In General,3.8L 5 Speed
    I've Upgraded The Ignition, Accel Coil Pack, Bosch +4 Plat- Iridium Plugs, Wires, Cold Air Induction, Converted To Duel Exhaust, Shorty Headers, New Injectors (Bosch 4 Pintel 19# Upgrade). 9.8124R Sway Bar End Link Kit Red Performance Polyurethane, Have KYB Shocks All Around, Front Coil Overs, Engine Strut Brace, Full Tubular K Member UPR Front Suspension , Upper and Lower Rear Control Arms With Torque Boxes And Rear Sway Bar Installed, New Lowered Springs Rear, 1.5 Spacers Front 2" Spacers Rear,17"X9 AM Classic 5 Spoke Wheels with General G-MAX AS-03 Tire 245/45ZR17SL 95W BW All around. But You Could Say I've Not Made Any Other Mods. Truth Is I Do Plan Others! That's Why I'm Here To Pick Brains And Get Other Ideas. Powers No Good If You Can't Put It On The Ground!!!. 2000 Mustang Coupe Base

    New 9/1/16: 19lbs 4 pintel injectors from 5.0 , Ported Upper And Lower Intakes, 70MM Throttle Body , New K Member ,Coil Overs, Scorpion 1.73 Roller Rockers, Manley Push Rods .020 Over Stock, Al Driveshaft, Modified Exhaust With Balance Tube, Duels, 373's LSD , 2800 Lb. Clutch, P&P, Heads Out Of Machine Shop (Ported) I'm Getting There!
    6/12/17 Have 12 Pintel 24# Injectors To Install With Phenolic Spacer Between Upper And Lower Manifold, Moog Front Hubs. I'm LQQKING Into Upgraded Fuel System.
    6/28/17 Still Working On Front End, Installed Offset Bushings To Steering Rack On UPR K Member, New Inner Tie Rods, Boots And Bump Steer Kit New Brake Dust Shields And Hub Spacers.
    Getting Old Taking More Time Than It Used Too!!!
    7/7/17 Installed 30MM Front Sway Bar With Prothane Bushings, Replacing 25MM Sway Bar. Now 30MM Front And 23MM Rear.

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  1. Captain Max Silver
    Well, You Ever Have One Of Those Days Well I've Got One Of Those Lives!!! While Running A Datalog Had A Rod Bearing Let Go.
    Kinda The Washing Machine Samba. She Got Me Home And Now Time For That Upgrade Been Thinking On. Pulling Engine This Week
    And Hoping All Goes Well And Back Up Soon. But Going To Try And Do It Up Right! Pictures To Come.
  2. Captain Max Silver
    Have Been Working On Tuning Problems For A While, But Have Made The Turn, New PCM(Flashed 3 Times) AEM Wideband Sensor And Hours Of Tuning Work, But With The Help Of My Sensay This Grasshopper Is Learning. LOL
  3. Joshuaw22
    Car is looking good. Not really diggin the spoiler though but its personal preference. Do u have new stuff planned or still thinking as u go?
    1. Captain Max Silver
      More To Go, Just Catchin Up On The Things I Already Have, Will Post As I Go.
      Captain Max Silver, Jun 9, 2017
      Joshuaw22 likes this.
    2. Joshuaw22
      Awesome. I just got my mustang back around october and have been trying to fix all the issues with it to get it running properly before i start modding it. Ill probably end up saving up to buy the 4.3l stroker from SSM instead of rebuilding my current engine into a 4.3 stroker seeing as it has 308k miles as of right now.
      Joshuaw22, Jun 9, 2017
    3. Joshuaw22
      I have switched the headlight housings and dropped in HIDs and have a smoked 3rd as well but it started coming apart (glue issue) so i have to fix it before putting it back on.
      Joshuaw22, Jun 9, 2017
  4. Captain Max Silver
    My Version Of Eleanor Eye's Goin Together.
  5. Captain Max Silver
    New Tires And Wheels, 5 Spoke Bullitt AM 17"X 9" And A Set Of
    General G-MAX AS-03 Tire 245/45ZR17SL 95W BW Nice Handling Set Up.
      CrzyMunk and SixPackSurprise like this.
  6. Captain Max Silver
    Installed Hood Scoop Today 2/23/17, Not Quite Finished But It's On!!!
  7. Captain Max Silver
    Gained .5" Under Strut Support.
  8. Captain Max Silver
    Big Difference In The Caster Camber Plates. Fit Great And Easy Install With The UPR K Member Suspension Kit Installed.
  9. Captain Max Silver
    Got My Heads Back LQQK Great, Need To Restock Bank Account To Put Them On Though. Coming Into Tourist Season, Come On Snow Birds!!!!
  10. oathsv6
    would you be interested in a 112mm throttle body intake?
    1. Captain Max Silver
      Little Big For My Needs.
      Captain Max Silver, Oct 21, 2016
    2. Captain Max Silver
      Got Any Pictures Of This Set up 112mm Throttle Body Intake?
      Captain Max Silver, Apr 28, 2017