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  • can i put a 1998 engine 3.8 liter standerd in a 1999 mu IMG_20181004_143859042 (1).jpg stang 3.8 liter manual if keeping trans from 1999 in car?
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  1. Pete fender
    That's a 50 HP step backwards!
  2. Captain Max Silver
    You Will Loose Power With 98 Engine Unless You Use The Upper End Heads, Manifolds From 99 Split Port. Make Sure You Have Right Bolts, Switched From US Standard To Metric. I Believe From 98St. To 99Met. 98 Block Standard Bolts For Heads!
  3. mustangmansam
    Yw the engine blocks are the same.The upper half of the engine changes from a single port to split port.start a post because there are several things you need to change. From intake, wording, and pulleys.
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  4. mustangmansam
    Keep the 99 trans or the speedometer will not work
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    1. christina craven
      thank you
      christina craven, Oct 9, 2018