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  • Engine:
    Ported and polished heads with 1.9/1.5 valves (269/166 cfm @.600")
    Barley ported lower intake
    Windstar upper intake
    Current cam, Comp 218/226 .5/.5 112 (new 226/234 .55/.56 112 in the works)
    Cobra 39# injectors
    stock 4.2 shortblock
    AC compressor, lines, and condenser removed
    Tuning provided by Ortiz Performance via email

    Revmax 3000 stall converter
    Shift kit
    Otherwise stock 4R70W
    FRPP aluminum driveshaft

    Rear end:
    GT 8.8 with 3.73's

    Maximum Motorsports LCA's
    KYB shocks/struts
    Cut springs (1.5F/1.25B)
    GT rear sway bar

    Mach II hood
    Custom V6 emblems
    95 Cobra R replica wheels with Nitto 555's
    At one time a nice paint job, daily duty has sought to that...

    Gutted the ass end, spare tire and all

    Future plans:
    Working with Ortiz to make an M112 plate and IC setup suitable to keep the beast cool without having to use meth all the time, will be a ported blower with Accufab elbow and ported stock TB goal of under 140*F but the lower the better..

    some videos..

    The car can get low 13's with good weather..
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  1. davidcseifert
    About 48K right now, bought it from LKQ with 44K on it after the last one kicked the bucket, had a local friend tear it down inspect it and reassemble (nothing needed to be replaced as it was all good) with a decent shift kit.
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  2. Brent
    Awesome setup. How many miles on the 4R70W?