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  • 2013 Mustang V6:
    MCA Edition
    Performance package
    7-8 psi procharger
    BBK tuned length shorties
    Stillen front chin
    2012 GT500 Brembo front brake upgrade
    2013 GT500 Brembo rear brake upgrade
    GT350 inspired quarter window covers
    Platinum Downforce 20's
    Cervinis stalker hood and side exhaust.
    Ford Racing Gauge pod. Boost; oil pressure; fuel pressure
    Raxiom Navigation
    MMD Ducktail Spoiler

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User Comments

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  1. aamir sheeraz
    Hi GreenStang13,
    Love your ride. Neat with superb taste.
    I also own a 13 Stang and would like to upgrade it initially with the motor which is stock at this moment, can you give me some details about your turbo and then the Cervini body kit.
    I will appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hornet1
    Beautiful car done with great taste :)
    1. GreenStang13
      GreenStang13, Jul 12, 2015
  3. Nightfury
    I like what you did with the rear windows tinted green. I have the vents over mine, is it easy to look out of? The vents are't to bothersome but they make it more of an effort while at medians. ( I personally love the way they look though so can't complain really)
    1. GreenStang13
      Those are the MMD covers from Americanmuscle. They come pre-painted if you choose in the color of your choice
      GreenStang13, Jul 11, 2015
    2. GreenStang13
      Sometimes I still look over my shoulder....but I am used to not seeing out them now
      GreenStang13, Jul 11, 2015
  4. audioAl
    Really nice, good to see the 18" wheels, I got american racing razor's for mine as well.
  5. babz
    Great looking car! Love it.
  6. macrex
    This my friend is a beautiful ride! Awesome!
    1. GreenStang13
      Thank you.
      GreenStang13, Sep 24, 2014
  7. GreenStang13
    Just installed MMD Ducktail spoiler from american muscle. Great product as always. Also installed the Raxiom Navigation. Want to get the GPS hard wired to the existing satellite radio antenna. Need to find someone that can do that. Also still need to run the back-up camera.
    1. GreenStang13
      Found out today that the satellite antenna does not work the same so I will have to have an additional antenna for the GPS.
      GreenStang13, Sep 24, 2014