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Hector's 2000 3.8 garage

  • IMG_9613.JPG IMG_9614.JPG IMG_9617.JPG IMG_9618.JPG IMG_9625.JPG IMG_9626.JPG IMG_9631.JPG IMG_9631.JPG 2000 3.8
    Way to many mode to list I'd be here all day

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  1. Captain Max Silver
    Mustang Brake Shields LOOK Great Through Wheels.
  2. Captain Max Silver
    I Used Prothane Bushings Myself, But All Moog Tie Rods, Hubs And Maximum Motorsports Bump Steer Kit.
    Turns Like On Rails!!! I've Always Liked MOOG Parts Couldn't Build Without Them.
  3. Suek
    Great car !!!!!
      Hector Graciani likes this.
  4. Captain Max Silver
    LQQKIN Good!! 1 Hellofa Persuader!!!! (HAMMER) Just Finishing Up Similar Project Myself!!
      Hector Graciani likes this.
    1. Hector Graciani
      Best thing I ever did MOOG rubber parts are the best thing ever car drives like it's new
      Hector Graciani, Aug 26, 2017
  5. SixPackSurprise
    Just pull up your own garage like you would anyone elses. Right above where the comments begin, you should see your username, then 3 clickable links/options next to your name. One of them will say edit. I use that function to do it.
      Hector Graciani likes this.
  6. SixPackSurprise
    nice. I just recently started upgrading and repairing mine. check it out. I just updated it right before I saw your garage. i'm loving the way yours has turned out.
  7. Hector Graciani
    If anyone can tell me where to upload pics that be muc obliged