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  • V6 Mustang 3.7 Premium - full package, all options.
    Mustang Club of America Edition "Black Edition".

    Customized with many parts: from a complete BORLA "S-Type" exhaust system
    to HUNTINGTON SPRINGDALE 10x20" wheels, many billet parts & much more ...
    Unique in my country of residence where all is soooo strictly controlled:
    all is LEGAL:yup: in my papers (over 9 months of hard:lol:paper war, don't ask how :disgust:).

    Custom TRUE FIRE - paint by STEFF from www.color-art-factory.ch
    6 weeks of creative work.
    All is individually hand painted (under the hood too, yessss), not stenciled.

    This is no candylike show car spending most of time in a cosy garage. I drive it all year long - every day. Even here in Switzerland during the hard winter. This car takes me anywhere. I drive it too when the roads here are full of salt and snow and mud. MY MUSTANG is a part of my way of living. And I have the most wonderful & SEXY woman on my side! I am a lucky man. I enjoy my life ON THE ROAD.

    What happens in my garage stays in my garage.
    In my garage there is a fire burning.
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User Comments

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  1. spitfire0063
    Thanks for this nice first comment. Under the hood there is all this stuff you add to such a car like billet parts/covers/shock tower brace/gas spring hood lift and so on .... also the engine room is painted with flames. But I almost did't do any tecnical modifications on the engine till now because here in Switzerland even a simple air intake with open cone air filter is strictly prohibited... all modifications are a headache here. I am the ONLY one here who has LEGALLY a BORLA S in the MUSTANG papers. This seems nothing special for somebody from USA but here this is a winning lucky #7 7777 :)
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  2. Chris Houchens
    Sick paint cost doesn't matter it has the look that's for damn sure, nice car
  3. Prankster
    Did the paint job cost more than the car?
  4. Stang08
    Wow Buddy, thats one hot looking Stang.
  5. AutoBadges
    And what GO-PARTS on it beside exhaust?
  6. AutoBadges
    gorgeous flames....where are the interior and underhood shots?
  7. sickroush
    Beautiful paint
  8. audioAl
    Nice paint, is it House of Colour
  9. Brent
    That is a hell of a paint job. I really like that. Anything done under the hood?