JpL4K3's 2014 Mustang GT


Hey man I've been checking out your Yellow Mustang on Youtube for a while. I have to say it was Freaking Sweet. I want to borrow some of the ideas you had for your car and implement them into my own. The windstar intake is one of those. You got it from VAP but he doesn't make them anymore. Do you have any idea where I could find a pre-made kit similar to the one at VAP? Also I just wanted to say I've worked in Television Production at the Community College here and you have some seriously good editing skills key framing, editing to the mood and beat of the music, good use of effects, very nice.
Not sure who you can get the pre-made kits from anymore. Hit up Ortiz on here, he may be making them now. Thanks for the compliments, I have no previous video editing/creating experience. Just something I usually throw together in an afternoon. ha.

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