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Bought and picked up '00 Mustang with a "blown" motor and 245k according to the title 9/17/19

Imo its ugly as sin, halo headlights and the oddest stripes ive ever seen.

Car has an unknown exhaust currently, bbk intake, bbk throttlebody, and some AmericanMuscle wheels it looks like.

Plan is to have it up and running and ready to roll for "Sleigh Ride" at our local track E-town in December.

This is a purpose build, I have no intention of daily driving this car.
* indicates a must have for the track rules of clubloose

I'll add pictures ive been taking as I get time and don't feel lazy too.

My Checklist:
-Shave some weight out of the car [x]
-Buy and Install coilovers [x]
Raceland coil overs
-Lower control arms [x]
DriftKnuckles modified and boxed lower A arms.
-Bumpsteer kit [x]
DriftKnuckles lengthened tie rod kit
-Modified knuckles [x]
DriftAmerican Modified Spindles
-Caster camber plates [x]
Unknown ? Picked up at the swap meet
-New Seats [x]
Corbeau Fx1 Pro Wide... ive got wide hips..

-Make some aluminum doors [x]
Wound up just buying Scott Rod Fab'd doors.​
-Mount a fire extinguisher* (within arms reach of driver) []
-Figure out what this kid f'd in the wiring and repair []
-New motor or Fix motor [] Possibly switch to a 4.2 truck motor?
-New clutch [x]
Spec Stage 2 clutch and a lightened flywheel I picked up off a buddy
-New hood []
-Get rid of the stripes somehow... [] Giving up on this for now, guna leave it ugly...
-Lock the rear or get a better Limited slip []
-Make a shielded piece to surround the master cylinder* []
-Hydro brake setup with dual calipers in the rear []
-Find a way to mount this bumper [x]
-Gut the dash and modify it [x]
-Build Front bash bar [x]
Scrap steel coming in handy
-Harness bar or Roll bar [x]
Kirks Racing competition roll bar

Ill make a updated build list of what parts are used and will update with photos as I chug along.
9/19/19 - Previous owner lied and apparently car took a front end hit.... now need to find a replacement rad support
9/19/19 - PO hacked the headlight harness to run those lights.... this will be fun, time to find my soldering iron
9/20/19 - Coil overs have arrived already and got confirmation that a lot of the front suspension parts are shipping out Saturday as well.
9/21/19 - PO is ******* disgusting... interior is id say 85% gutted, took off the intake and throttlebody to clean it all up as its all bkk parts; Ac and all parts to go with are taken off, cruise control box and wires are out, washer tank/horns are out, undid all his jenky wiring for the radio and HOME surround sound speakers setup in the car. Straightened out the impact absorber and rad support frame to an extent with a come a long and my truck as well.. Good day so far.
9/25/19 - Started to pull the dash out, New Edge dashes can blow me with that being said. it got dark quick so ill prolly finish that whole ish tomorrow.
9/26/19 - Got the dash out completely finally, found a random wiring harness? just laying in there with frayed wires, and started to remove some stuff when a freak rain storm plowed through causing to clean up till another day.
9/27/19 - Pulled the dash cover off the metal framing, cleaned it all up, (light surface rust) Removed and cut away parts I don't need in the way anymore, Ordered ScottRodFab heater core and ac line firewall covers. As well as made a cover for the center area of the dash out of some plastic sheet. Still gotta find away to mount the livewire tuner that came with the car in the center somehow.
9/28/19 - Painted the dash framing, (Let the woman pick out the colors to keep her happy with me spending money lately), Found a huge rot hole near the gas pedal on the floor pan, thatll be fun at a later date. Removed the rear quarter interior panels to find the passenger side has had a lot of metal work done likely from an accident. Started prepping the doors for the Aluminum covers to go on. Wet sanded down the $15 black housing headlights I got that were severely faded. Drained the coolant pulled the rad, fan, battery tray. Cleaned up the rad support pretty good. Took off the A/c and idler bracket and cleaned it, it was no joke Black.... Made a solid attempt at getting the EGR fitting on the PS header off, not a chance in hell... Made all my measurements for cutting and bending the steel tube I picked up to make the front bash bar.
10/4/19 - Got the passenger door cover mounted up and cut the hole for the power window switch, only had an hr or so today so, ill continue tomorrow
10/5/19 - Finished mounting the driver door panel, pulled off the pass side fender to find (surprise) more ****, took off the Air injection pump, guessing the other box is a relay box/board, guna have to move that somewhere else. Pulled off those lines for the pump as well, they were on there let me tell you.... one was already broken so that made life kinda easy. took off the front sway bar as I cant run it with the angle kit. Starred at the motor for awhile still in a deep debate of wether the kid I bought it off of is an idiot and its not blown, or wether it is and I should just 5.0 swap it... did a lot of procrastinating today.
10/11/19 - Picked up a kirks racing competition roll bar off a local guy for a steal.
10/12/19 - Got the coil overs installed front and rear, put a Mach 1 chin spoiler on, installed the quick release tabs on the bumper as the stock brackets are missing and he deck screwed the bumper to the fender before me. Braised some caps to plug the air injection ports on the headers, placed the roll bar in the car to get an idea of fitment. Installed my unknown caster camber plates with some modifying to work with the coil overs. Got shipped the wrong spindles for my angle kit, company is sending a new set out this week coming up.
10/19/19 - Assembled the Kirks Racing Comp. roll bar, and installed it today, As well as buttoned up a few things in the back suspension area bushing wise. Only had 3 hrs today, as I worked 17 hrs yesterday and quite frankly just didn't wana get out of bed.
11/17/19 - Its been awhile cause ive been slacking, but I started to fab up the front bash bar, notched the tubes and welded them to the plates to bolt to the rad support, waiting for my pops to bring home a bender from his job this week to finish that up. Bought a carters customs adjustable wing cause I didn't want a cobra wing but I don't like the factory wing; Installed that today. Got the angle kit completely done and installed and did the ole "alignment" trick to at least make it to my friends shop. Started to put the engine back together accessory wise because im second guessing the kids word I bought it off of. Picked up a Gt trunk in silver (no stripes) in Bristol PA as well today and got that on. Finished polishing out the headlights and they look better than I thought. I promise to get pics up soon. Did realize I have to lift the car about a 1" more front and rear though so if I drop a tire on track im not dragging the k member through the ground.
11/23/19 - Shocker another wet weekend. An Fittings, Braided lines, Hydro e brake, Wilwood Master, and my dual caliper brackets came in over the week. So guna install that once it stops being rainy for once. And Duncan Motors made a New Edge Shifter bracket that allocates a spot for the handbrake to mount without having to drill holes through the floor. Still on the hunt for at least one seat for the car for now.
02/25/20 - Took out the stock e brake, cables are still under the car as its not jacked up, also there rotted somewhere cause the cable didn't work. Started mocking up the Hydro E brake placement. Put the Engine back together mostly, need to figure out why the cap for the EGR on the header wont thread... and pick up a battery and well see if it runs.
04/10/20 - Picked up a stock Toyota supercharger at the local junkyard. Guna make this happen.


On The Lights Just Make Sure You Wire Them Right Or They'll LQQK Like There Winking At You. 1 High 1 Low As You Go From Hi To Lo They Wink! LOL
On The Lights Just Make Sure You Wire Them Right Or They'll LQQK Like There Winking At You. 1 High 1 Low As You Go From Hi To Lo They Wink! LOL
Not bought some black housing lights off FB marketplace yesterday, guna just clean em up a bit, solder this morons hack job back to "factory" and heat shrink it all. and ill be a little happier about the cars appearance

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