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  • Bought her from another Airman, who got it from a person who neglected her. Been working on putting her back together and getting her back on the road. I will continue to upload pics as I go.
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  1. Matty4320
    Well, I finally got to drive her, after owning her since November. Turns out that my friend and I failed to torque some of the flywheel bolts down. Got that taken care of and she is on the road now. Granted she sounds like an assault rifle going down the road, but she drives. Hoping that its just a clogged fuel filter that causing that. Gonna replace that and see how she feels afterwards.
  2. Matty4320
    My new fenders are fiberglass. Should I find a way to strengthen them? And if so, how does one go about doing that?
  3. Matty4320
    What males Duraflex such a pain? I actually havr no exerience with it.
  4. pacbelt
    I hope that it's polyurethane...
    Fiberglass is too brittle, and Duraflex is a real pain to work with.
    It does look GOOD though! :)
  5. Matty4320
    Ok, so I am having issues with adding pictures to the comments, so I just added the picture of the front bumper I was talking about to the Gallery.
  6. Matty4320
    [​IMG] That is a nice looking kit, my only issue with it is that I have seen it on the road a couple of times (not many, but a couple). I did find this one, its called the Demon style bumper. I have yet to see any similar to it on the streets, plus I think it gives the car a little more aggressive look to it. Thoughts?
    1. Matty4320
      Guess I will have to try that upload again from a different computer. Sorry.
      Matty4320, Mar 31, 2016
  7. pacbelt
    Here's some examples of the Roush front fascia kit....
    It's a little more, $420-450, but is a COMPLETE kit, including all brackets, hardware, and even comes with FOG LIGHTS and the wiring harness to hook it all up!! :)

    Other "bumper only" kits will be cheaper...
    Either way, you get it painted (OR paint yourself), and with the full instructions, you can bolt it on in about 1-2 hours!
    (Helps to have a buddy. Long & bulky)

    My 2 cents. What do you think?? ;)
  8. pacbelt
  9. pacbelt
    We ALL know about opinions.....
    I gotta give mine here . ;)
    If you're looking to stand out a little, you might want to try a Roush or Saleen front bumper cover.
    They look tight as f***, and not very much $$, relatively! They're a direct bolt on, and look like she came with it!! :)
    You 'may' want to put a couple of fog lights in the holes at the bottom. Or not. Your choice!
  10. Matty4320
    Thanks! I have some new fenders that I am waiting to have put on. (They didn't come with holes predrilled, otherwise I'd do it myself.) Also gonna look for a new front bumper cover (don't like the way it wraps under), and the GT rear bumper cover. The interior is completely gutted right now, except the front seats. But she is coming along nicely. :)
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