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  1. GrumpyStang
    is your shifter a dildo
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  2. tylerj13
    And forgot started my for now paint job and got my front end plasti dipped matte black and ordered a vis brand cobra r replica bumper and a Saleen rep wing and trashed the weird factory thing
  3. tylerj13
    So im new to american car scene spent many years and ten of thousands on building imports mainly hondas and nissan and a very special 2 yotas but find my true love for rwd and drifting. Well long story short sold my 2j swapped 240 and moved to oklahoma and moved in with my dad since then Picked this 97 up for 1100 rather low miles 152 original and all minor issues but runs great 5 speed ac the whole shabang daily driven for 3 months untouched works slowed so began playing with it. Started with hids must for me can't see **** with regular bulbs since having them and last week I finally got started and did the exhaust left factory headers pulled cats and hollowed them out pulled the y piped and factory stuff and junked it got some 3 in tubing bent and welded it up and ran full straight pipe back to what I'm guessing most don't know but it's 240 stuff ran it to my 4 in isis blast pipe axel back and love it. Added cold air . My plans are to go stupid drift style stupid low irs crazy offset wheels flared fenders and have the v6 rebuilt and built fully for boost and slap my old supras turbo stuff on it