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Mustang on a budget

  • Making one Mustang out of two, 2000 3.8 driver and 2003 3.8 salvage parts car. Initial investment of $1200 for both cars. Extra parts sold off parts car have already brought the project price down $455 so far. Expenses so far: Power steering pump $90
    Power steering pulley $40
    Serpentine belt $40
    Throttle body gaskets $10
    Upper intake gasket $40
    A/C delete pulley $40
    Bought halo headlights for $150 and got the euro tail lights as a direct swap for my spare set of stock ones.

User Comments

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  1. Mustang224
    Considering i'm the first to comment, i'm going to tell you what anybody else would say, AMAZING job!
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    2. Mustang224
      You might have already heard of em, but www.americanmuscle.com , has GREAT Performance Products and Exterior work etc. Thats where i purchased everything on mine. A Bama Performance Tune would be GREAT, and also Dual exhaust. I see you have a Cold Air Intake or i would have said that too haha. But Those are just my opinions if you want your pony to "Get up and go." Thats what I run in mine so i'm telling you from experience:)
      Mustang224, Jun 30, 2014
    3. Mustang224
      and btw keep posting stuff i'd really like to see more pics in the future!
      Mustang224, Jun 30, 2014
    4. island_redneck
      Thanks! I'm considering the 4.2 conversion matted with the Windstar upper intake manifold and a set of 4:10 gears.
      island_redneck, Jun 30, 2014