My '98 SN-95

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Here are some pics of my first project not a lot of mods (LT's, O/R X-pipe, Flow 40's, CAI, BBK U/P) but she is clean and I love her.


Hey, beautiful coupe. I have a '96 just started to work on it, tell me more about yours please. That is true duals, correct? How does it sound going down the road? A lot of true duals sound like a 4 cylinder, I want to avoid that. And enlighten me on some of the abbreviations, I probably know them, they're just not coming to me, what is LT's and BBK u/p?
That's one of my favorite body styles, clean car. I had a 98 coupe Atlantic blue. It was auto, offroad h-pipe with thrush welded mufflers , 8.8 rear with 3.73s. I removed the wing and had 16" gt wheels. Fun lil car. Someone really took care of your car. Keep up the good work with it.

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