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My Garage

  • This mustang has been in our family for 11 years, we are the second owners, its been daily driven, gotten its maintenance regularly, washed wax, it has had problems but nothing that has been stopped us from fixing it, original motor, tranny, 145k miles, some modifications that it currently has are, CAI, LT Headers, True Dual Exhaust, Custom Tune, Posi, 3.73. Thats about it, was planning to install a Custom Grind Cam on it, i have, springs, pushrods, lifters, just needed retainers but something came up, and wont be able to do it after all of it is done.

User Comments

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  1. Hornet1
    Great looking car.
    Do you have any performance parts you want to sell ???
      AlexisD95 likes this.
    1. AlexisD95
      Thanks, sorry man, i dont have any performance parts for sale.
      AlexisD95, Jun 1, 2015