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  1. wcstangster
    Nice, Clean ! Love the side exhaust.
  2. Jeffery
    Ok so I have a ? My car is a 01 mustang 3.8 v6 I'm having trouble with it backfiring when accelerating I have put a new fuel pump fuel filter plugs wires and still doing it I have dual exust with no cats and I was told that it was supposed to that bc it dual exust can someone please help me
    1. Captain Max Silver
      Check Your Firing Order, I Had Made Mistake On Wire 5 And 6. They Get Twisted By Brake Slave Cylinder. Maybe You Have Same Problem. Something To Check.
      Captain Max Silver, Dec 15, 2018
  3. mustangmansam
    Is that a Roush!?
  4. Captain Max Silver
    Like The Pipes, Got more Pics Of Exhaust? LQQKS Good!
  5. six gun
    Have more shots? And what do you use for suspension?