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Bought her showing signs of neglect from day 1. But I had a plan.

First thing to do was Krown rust treatment to (hopefully) stop the rot in it's tracks. Then a good hand wash.

"THE PLAN" is to go in stages, step by step.
1) Safety - there's a LOT of worn out parts on any 16yo car but on an unloved 16yo car there's parts that are downright dangerous. So all the pieces that you rely on day in and day out need to be replaced/upgraded - brakes, wheels, tires, lighting, steering, etc…
Brakes and ball joints were brought up to spec but will be upgraded eventually. The lighting was a big concern. Years of leaks had ruined the lenses from inside so those needed to be upgraded. Took the opportunity to also upgrade the indicators/stop lights with led's too.

To help reduce the chances of any future leaks I went over the top and bottom joints on the housings and sealed them up.

Much better!

Next were wheels and tires. The wheels it came with looked like they'd been attacked with a grinder and two of the tires had bubbles inside and out! Plus the tires were crap! I never felt safe on them even though they had plenty of tread left. That's three cars we've had with Continental tires that felt unsafe at any speed in any conditions. I waffled a bit on the wheels but I know how I'll eventually repaint her so I went with these. They kind of remind me of the Aunger's I had on my XB 2DR Falcon.

Tossing up whether to replace the polished lug nuts and go with black but I'll leave it for now. Tires were next and I like Mickey Thompson plus they were on sale! 275/35/18 up front and 295/35/18 at the back. 4th tire is on the back seat!

They didn't turn out too bad. Of course I had to call and ask where the center caps were. Finally arrived a couple of weeks later.

Speaking of a couple of weeks later… May 2nd opening cruise for the Ontario Mustang Club. Got the wife and kids along for the run down to Niagara By The Lake. Here we are lined up with the rest of the gang from Durham Region opposite DaSilva Racing with Joe DaSilva's monster right behind us. Eventually nearly 500 Mustangs rolled into Lakeridge Park!

After the cruise down met up with family and took my daughters and niece for a run. That's what owning this car is about for me.

So by this time the car stopped and turned okay but it was time to start putting together the suspension, steering and brakes I really wanted. First up I found a great deal on the coil over struts I was after. Can't beat $CAD350 for this setup! Strange single adjustable with Eibach springs and Allstar thrust bearings. Yes the struts come with thrust bearings in the cap but having a larger set between the cap and the springs has worked for me in the past.



I've also been doing some preventative maintenance on her. Nearly all the pieces I've ordered have been fitted or at least arrived but I'm waiting on a couple of parcels to show up and I'll be up to my elbows in greasy original pieces and anti-freeze.
I've already replaced the old remanufactured PCM and the entire EGR system but now it's time for the front of the motor to be renewed so I can drive her around for the next year or two (or three?).

Still I've got to finish the suspension, steering and brakes before… I shove one of these into the engine bay!
If you've never seen one before this is a Ford Australia Barra inline turbocharged 6, 4 litre, DOHC, 24 valve, dual VVCT that in stock trim (FG-X Sprint) turns out around 430rwhp!
The cast iron block and aluminium head however can take and produce a hell of a lot more than that. Destroked to 3.7L and with CNC porting and a LOT of heavy duty internals and a VERY big turbo there's a few of them screaming around the land of Oz at over 10,000rpm and pounding out well over 2,000hp.
Naturally I'm not going that crazy… well maybe not right away. 800-900rwhp will be fine to start with!

So that's where I am as of today. Sitting here waiting for FedEx to show up with my caster/camber plates, bump steer kit, Steeda ball joints, tubular a-arms, all the rest of the pulleys and hoses and some hardware.


So, is this engine in or not? You titled it as New Edge Barra, and yet the
motor wasn't even in the car yet? We want to see it, they are a fantastic
motor; want to see what's all involved. There are S19s with Barras, they do
fit those, and seen them on You Tube, fox bodies too.

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