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Performance Red Ooo-One Sixer

  • Purchased as a starter car for youngest but changes happened. Totally stock 3.8L auto purchased for $1500. Car first hesitated badly, brakes weren't good and body rolled badly. This is my beginning....

    Cold air intake looked as if it wasn't ever taken out after installed, conical rusted dirty, tubing rusted. Any engine needs to breathe so i opted for the K&N CIA with engine bay close out. Next with a engine code reader found misfire: coil pack has multiple cracks and factory exhaust had cracks. Opted for a performance coil pack, new iridium plugs and wires. Went for the shorty headers by Pacesetter, took them to be sand blasted then got material to use Eastwood Internal Manifold Ceramic Coating, silver, which is used on the exterior as well. While removing the factory exhaust I took into consideration the pipe to the EGR replacing the EGR pipe, EGR and EGR Pressure Feedback hose, i coated the pipe inside/out and outside EGR with the same ceramic coating as the headers

    Had already ordered new strut assemblies and rear shocks, Monroe Sensa-Trac, then took the ride for an alignment where mechanics pointed the front right caliper was sticking. Ordered two new front rotors, front calipers, and pads for back and front. Used my Motive Power Bleeder flushed all the brake fluid for new DOT4.

    Next I went to get the factory headlamp hazed replaced with a new set of headlamps. I left the tails since they looked amazing still while the third brake light needs help though a new OEM looking lamp runs 140 USD.

    Trunk wouldn't stay open so... as we all know, ordered and installed new struts for the trunk lid xD

    Cowl panel, long black piece under the windshield was faded from neglect ordered a new cowl then installed it. With the cowl off i had to remove the wiper arms which got a cleaning and 1000/2000 grit wet sanding then resprayed black. Also removed, cleaned then sprayed the antennae black.

    Removed the plastic scoops blackouts on the side scoops and hood scoop. Cleaned the plastic in the kitchen sink with Dawn and a toothbrush twice then allowed to dry completely. Followed by a fresh coat of plastic friendly black.

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  1. James Carr
    love the car man keep after it
      Z-01Sixer likes this.
  2. Pete fender
    I'd replace the rear axle fluid, if any is left!
      Z-01Sixer likes this.
    1. Z-01Sixer
      All fluids have been done at this point: brake flush, oil, rear gear lube, ATF flush, coolant flush
      Z-01Sixer, Oct 3, 2019
      Pete fender likes this.