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RedneckMenace V6

  • 2004 Mustang 3.8L V6 Base with 5 Spd Manual Trans

    Current Mods:
    • Smoked Headlights with 8000k HID kit
    • Smoked 3rd LED Brake Light (currently off due to having to re-glue)
    • SCT X4 Programmed

    Haven't done a lot of mods due to it needing some serious maintenance and repairs.
    I have already replaced the following parts:

    • Left and Right Brake Calipers on the rear
    • Front and Back Brake Pads
    • Right side E-Brake Cable
    • EGR Solenoid
    • Air filter
    • Front Shocks
    • Cleaned the MAF
    • Plugs and Wires (were in bad shape)
    • O2 sensor 2 bank 2 (replaced before realizing it didn't have any CATs)
    • Clip for the right IMRC (was stuck closed because of the clip being broke)
    • Replaced Vacuum lines
    • (If i remember doing anything else i'll update this later)
    Parts still needed to be replaced:
    • Rear Shocks (Have them but haven't installed yet)
    • Replace electrical components in engine bay (fuse box, etc)
    Future Mods:
    • Cobra Body Kit including spoiler (With Cobra removed from rear bumper)
    • Custom V6 Badge to replace the 40th Anniversary Badges (Emblemart.com)
    • Custom Rear Window Decal (insult to my buddy who loves hondas :) )
    • Re-Tint the windows
    • Cobra or Saleen Rims - powder-coated black center with red outlay
    • New paint job (either keep it black or go with a Semi-Dark Red)
    • LED Brake Lights (smoked or Regular undecided)
    • Shaker System Hood
    • PRP Seats - Summit Elite Series Seat
    • Replace broken door control parts
    • Install keypad for ignition lock system
    • Short Shifter (not sure which one yet)
    • SSM 4.3l Stroker (or build one myself with forged internals)
    • Turbocharger Or Supercharger Undecided
    • 80-88# Injectors
    • Upgraded Fuel Rail
    • EGR Delete (Don't see a point in keeping it)
    • Windstar or SSM Intake (opinions?)
    • Custom Valve Covers (to make it more unique)
    • Accel Coil Distributor
    • BBK CAI (Fenderwell system)
    • Magnaflow 2.5" Dual Exhaust
    • BBK Shorty Headers
    • HPS Reinforced Radiator and Heater Hose kit
    • Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers
    • BBK Upper and Lower Control Arms
    • BBK Strut Tower Brace
    • Eibach Front and Rear Sway Bars
    • Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch
    • Quaife A.T.B 8.8 Differential
    • B&M Holeshot Torque Converter 2400 (or 3000?)
    • B&M Transmission Deep Pan
    • Wilwood 13" 6-piston Big Brake Front & Rear
    • StopTech SS Brake Lines
    • K40 Electronics EX Laser Defuser W/ RL100 Radar Detector (Hidden if possible)
    • Kicker Speakers for doors and rear deck
    • Custom box in trunk with Kicker 3 12" Subs and a Kicker amp
    • Battery Relocation kit (spare tire well) to link 2 optima batteries together
    • Underbody Neon Light Bars (for show purposes)
    • Interior Neon Light tubing (for show purposes)
    That's all that i have for now. When more information is available i will update this list accordingly. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment.
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User Comments

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  1. Captain Max Silver
    Nice Start, Good Lookin Mustang!
    1. Joshuaw22
      Thanks. Its been a slow process. Had to get a 3rd vehicle so i can turn my mustang into a project car until its complete and im in the process of starting my own company so time is an issue too.
      Joshuaw22, Aug 21, 2017
  2. Joshuaw22
    I ran into an issue today. My car ended up getting extremely loud while i was driving and now bank 1 is too lean and i busted a weld right before the 2nd 02 sensor on bank 2. I have an SCt X4 Programmer ordered and now have to get the weld redone. Updated pictures with OBDII live data readings.
  3. Barelybob
    I seem to be having a problem removing the computer on my 1995 v6 mustang. Can anyone give me the correct procedure?