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six gun's '99

  • Owned since 2001, bought with 22k miles. Now at 221k and still running strong!

    Currently in the process to make it more autocross friendly with a chassis and suspension overhaul - celebrating almost 20 years of owning! So far:
    - Koni single-adjustable shocks&struts, to be installed soon
    - SR Performance sway bars F&R, installed
    - MM (Maximum Motorsports) subframe connectors, installed
    - MM caster&camber plates, installed
    - MM coilover conversions F&R. 325lb/in front, 175lb/in linear springs
    - MM lower control arms
    - MM torque arm, replaces upper control arms
    - MM panhard bar
    - MM front control arms, coming soon.
    Sucks sitting and looking at a pile of new parts but several of these should be installed all at once.

    - Tricoat paint - Lexus white pearl over factory Ford Ultra White. Done in 2011.

    - Original 3.8 engine, oil changed every 2k miles since purchased. Still has 155psi across all cylinders +/- 2.
    - 73mm Mac MAF housing
    - VAPauto's Windstar 3.0 conversion with modified GT throttle body
    - Long tube headers. Wouldn't recommend for stock engine unless ecm tuned!
    - Underdrive crank & water pulley
    - True duals with Flowmaster Delta 50s
    - X-pipe. Hate it, think it adds the ugly raspy noise. I'd do divorced duals or H pipe.
    Hoping to soon replace VAPauto's 3 inch OD intake tube with a 3.25 ID aluminum tube to better match the mass air housing, then route to inside fender well.

    - G-Force T5 transmission with 26 spline input. SOLID transmission
    * 2.95/1.94/1.34/1.00/0.59 gearset. Close ratio 1-4 AND 30mpg on interstate
    - Centerforce Dual Friction clutch. Excellent clutch, grips very well. Street friendly.
    - Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft. Recommended when doing 4.10 as stock shaft can be out of balance at high speeds.
    - 8.8 rearend
    - 3.73 final drive + OEM Traction-Lok. Want to go back to 4.10.. again

    - Eibach Pro Kit springs, gettin 86'd soon

    - Stoptech slotted rotors
    - Hawk HPS pads. FANTASTIC pads btw

    Did 9.90 in the 1/8 mile with 3.73 gear + full interior + stereo system in Sturgis, South Dakota, near me. Installed Mickey Thompson's new ET street R, bias ply rears with Sportsman skinnies up front on Center Line Split Spoke 15s. Due to lack of engine torque I now launch at redline even with over-inflated slicks ha. But I'd rather tear these up at the track than my new street radials.

    Show it at Sturgis Mustang Rally every year in Sturgis, SD. Placed 12 of the 13 years they had it in show&shine - 8 first-place wins :D

    I had Autobadges.com make me a custom "V6 Low Output" badge.. Seemed fitting. No use hidin that fact!

    Summer of '16 I did my first projector headlamp retrofit. It's not a bad job if you can learn to carefully take the headlamps apart. Well, and seal them properly too. HID projectors, or perhaps projectors in general, make a world of difference in the new edge lamps vs stock. Recommended! Then summer '17 made a second set of lamps with Morimoto Mini H1 7.0's and added some pony logos inside the headlamp bezel.

    March 2018 picked up a 18" staggered set of SVE's NVX wheels, a knock-off of the Rovos Durban. Gloss graphite in color.

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  1. ProjectVicky
    New Edge Mustang headlights always look great. I can't figure out how to custom make a set of SN95 headlights without them looking like junk.
  2. John D. Carter
    Nice car!!
      six gun likes this.
  3. pirate63
    Great looking Pony.
      six gun likes this.
  4. SixBangerBlue
    Nice numbers.
      six gun likes this.
  5. 03-3.8stang
    welcome to the 200k club :D
    That lexus white is gorgeous!
      six gun likes this.
    1. six gun
      Thanks! I'm glad I chose to add that at time of repaint anyway. The original paint was starting to let go on certain body lines and had to fix that. So much for my supersixmotorsports budget. Ha. That's when I decided Windstar manifold conversion route.
      six gun, Feb 23, 2016
  6. oathsv6
    you should look at my post i made a 112mm throttle body intake you would go crazy over much better gains then that intake