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SixPackSurprise Progress Documentation

  • When I first got the car, it was ready for a junkyard. It barely ran, the exterior was beat up, the interior was destroyed to be polite about it, The suspension was ****ed for lack of better words, etc.. you get the point. Since I got it through the pics you can see, I've replaced lower control arms w/ ball joints, installed lowering springs, replaced sway bar end links, added 2003 GT dual piston brakes, installed new OEM Replacement 97 Cobra headlights, and started the convert the trashed Saddle Tan interior over to black. Considering my car has manual windows/locks, the door panels were a PITA to find. I had to drive through 3 states to get them, Replaced center console, replaced trashed carpet with Factory carpet out of a friends 96 Cobra when he took it out to build a drag car with his. etc... I still have a ways to go, but as you can see, its getting there.
    thatass.JPG DRquarter.JPG Rear.JPG rrquarter2.JPG assshot.JPG sideenginebay.JPG standinginstreetshot.JPG rrquarter.JPG NoHood.JPG Interior.JPG moreinteriorchanges.jpg subtleimprovements.jpg guttedinterior.jpg newcarpetgoingin.jpg newfendersideshot.jpg needseats2.jpg justneedseatsnow.jpg guttedinterior2.jpg lotsofpadding.jpg fenderemblem.jpg splitportparts.jpg View attachment 161663 cobraheadlights.jpg passengerfrontend.jpg consolebefore.jpg needseats.jpg newfender.jpg consoleafter.jpg frontendprogress.jpg brakespeekin.jpg consolecut.jpg needwheels.jpg EngineBay.jpg datass.jpg rearbumper.JPG new headlights.jpg gauges.jpg View attachment 161663 cobraheadlights.jpg passengerfrontend.jpg needseats.jpg newfender.jpg frontendprogress.jpg Fuckedheadlight.JPG Fenderfucked.JPG straightside.JPG Driversideshot.JPG quartershotatlake.JPG PFQuarter.JPG parkedatlake.JPG aerial.JPG mewithmycar.JPG rrquarter2.JPG assshot.JPG sideenginebay.JPG standinginstreetshot.JPG rrquarter.JPG NoHood.JPG Interior.JPG

User Comments

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  1. Spdricer
    Keep pushing! Its worth it in the end! Built not bought!
      Joshuaw22 and SixPackSurprise like this.
  2. Captain Max Silver
    Uphill Battle, But Good Start, Lot's Of Late Model Stangs Out Thar Fer Parts!! Check Out Mine, Not As Rough As Yours But Still A Lot Of Work
    In It And More To Go. :thumbup: PS What's With The Ammo? Machine Gun In Grill? :eyetwitch:
    1. SixPackSurprise
      My hobby away from my car is building firearms (glocks, and AR platform rifles)...
      SixPackSurprise, May 29, 2017
    2. Captain Max Silver
      Black Powder Man Myself, 62Cal X 2 Flintlock Pistol! Hand Cannon! It Be A Pirate Thing!!! Arrr!!
      Captain Max Silver, Jun 2, 2017
      SixPackSurprise likes this.