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I started my factory job in October, and then quickly realized that I couldn't keep using my parents cars. So I saved my first months worth of paychecks and went on craigslist to find a motorcycle for when summer came, I could ride to work. I first decided to look in car's and do what most of you probably do, which is put the filters to rwd and manual, and I saw my future mustang, but I didnt get my hopes up because it was posted 10 days ago for 1k, so I didn't expect a reply so I sent the text and then went to look at bikes. To my surprise the man responded very quickly and told me what he believed to be wrong, new brakes in front only and a o2 sensor cel, I went to look at it that friday, and I fell in love with it, I had never driven manual so the guy drove me around in it. And I couldnt leave that day without buying it so I did. Now it was raining on the day, and this was the first time I drove a manual car. i didnt know where the headlight switch was so drove home on my girlfriends plates with no headlights on, but I had to stop on a hill, and I was scared out of my mind, People in RI do not understand manual, so the moment I dropped the clutch and did a burnout in the middle of the road in front of a line of traffic, I knew I made the right choice, The car cost me about 1k to get inspected because of alot of problems, but it also made me quit my job to go to school, because this car made me realize that I really do enjoy mechanics. This baby is only at 158k+ miles with a really hidden dark background.


Welcome! These cars are fun to drive and fun projects. I drive mine up here in North Idaho all year long too. Snow = more fun!

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