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    Comment by 'ACobb04' in item 'Andy's 2004 V6'

    Haven't been to the track since finishing the mods.
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    Suspension Upgrades

    Try to get as close to stock as possible. Since I have MM c/c plates, that's easy for me but may not be for you if you still have the stockers. I'm currently running -0.1* toe, maximum possible caster (I think like 5* or 5.5*), and -1* camber for daily driving.
  3. Andy's 2004 V6

    Andy's 2004 V6

    Engine: - Windstar upper plenum conversion with EGR delete - K&N air filter - 42% underdrive pulley - 48mm alternator pulley Drivetrain: - Motive 4.10:1 final gear with T-Lok LSD Exhaust: 2.25" custom h-pipe and cat-back Mac Flowpath mufflers deleted rear cats Wheels/Suspension/Brakes...
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    235/55R17 tires? Holy crap, why so tall? Factory is 245/45R17. Yours are 1.5" taller. I honestly thought you had 16" wheels at first lol.
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    Post a Photo of YOUR Mustang as it sits, GO!

    The filthy whore as she sits. I hate winter. Excuse the shitty iphone potato camera quality
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    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Recently picked up and (headlights)
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    Are you comfortable eating out alone?

    I eat out alone for my lunch break all the time. Felt kind of awkward at first but I got used to it over the years. I'd feel really awkward going to dinner alone though. Especially somewhere nice or a bar/pub. I'd rather get something fast to go and go home and relax.
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    Post the best looking 94 - 04 Mustangs

    **** man :drool: I'm kicking myself for not upgrading to a 01 Cobra front when I had the chance recently. Didn't want to deal with getting new foglights, but that was stupid of me. Also: been a while since I've been online. Didn't know you got new wheels. Those look awesome.
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    2004 oem headlights

    Selling my oem headlights with 99k miles on them. No physical damage, but I tried to VHT (2 light coats) and clear coat them and they look kinda splotchy up close. I suck at painting. They look good from a distance though. Easily fixed by re-sanding them. $50 shipped
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    2015 Mustang pics leaked to Autoweek

    Actual pics make it look better.
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    2015 Mustang pics leaked to Autoweek

    I really hope these are false flag renderings to throw everyone off right before the unveiling.
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    Blu Mustangs: Hit me up with your Blues.

    Thread moved.
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    What is my gear ratio?

    Look at your differential housing. If it's almost round (or a rounded square), it's a 8.8". If it's flat on the top and bottom, it's a 7.5". Without knowing the year or trim level of your car, the easiest way for me to tell you what rear gear you have is for you to do this: 1. jack up the rear...
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    FS: wheels/tires + coilover springs + Jmod plate + more

    bump for some new stuff
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    Awesome reason why Plasti-Dip is cool

    Looks really good. He did a great job!