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  • I will let you know tomorrow. I think there is a brand lable on it. I do known that it has double stiching on the edges that look cool. I would not go with headers at all, thats one of the last things to do. If power is what you want you need long header and the whole deal. Best bang for the buck still is CAI & Axel Backs . Makes a very BIG differance.
    Part 2 It doesn't cost them much to have it done. It works, if not all they can say is no. Your Dealer made a ton of money on you doing that warranty work from Ford.
    Part 1 I just posted something for you. For you for all the B.S. you going through try this. I worked a lot of deals in my time. When this is about to get all done before you take the car back talk to your sales man tell him you would like to talk the top person at the dealer. Tell them all the crap you went through in a calm way and see if they will put on the stripes on your car at n/c if you want them .
    My wife wants me to change out the speakers in our car also. Tell how hard was it getting the door panel off and did fit right into where the stock speakers were or did you have to modify the area. I take you didn't have to cut out the door panel for a speaker cover? I have the Basic Radio I'm working with.
    I have a 2014 also got it in Oct. I have the same opts as you but I have a manual. Check out my mods and I will try to answer the concerns you have.
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