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    Clutch Squeak

    I got a new flywheel too?
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    Who is this genius?

    sweet. I would have never ever known. :D Gotta be some dead hookers under that thing...
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    Who is this genius?

    Can you tell me how you noticed. I got the GT/V6 tell thing down, but what is different on a cobra? :p
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    Street Racing Bust in NC

    Police win. Street race fail. How'd the cops do it though? Just speed traps and snapshots? Anyway, I didn't know they could take your car for that. Can you get arrested for accelerating quickly to the posted speed limit?
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    Clutch Squeak

    hah! I laugh because this is the same noise and circumstances that I went through before my clutch died. Total cost for that was 900. :/ I Hope it's that bearing.
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    oh ****. should you put the screen back in when you install a cold air...?
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    3rd Annual Mustangs Assault the Dragon

    I'm really interested but I want my friend Tyler to come too, so I got to ask him first. If he is down then You can add 2 more mustangs to that list.
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    Ghost Hood idea

    Dig it. Do it. Take pics.
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    Window track replacement needed?

    Bump for the same problem I have. I want to fix it I'm just not sure how to get it to go back up straight.
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    Tennessee/Kentucky People

    Says it doesn't exist...
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    Rear Valance DELETE

    huh. Not sure about it... Maybe fill the crack in... then we talk.
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    Hydrogen Cells in a Mustang

    I say go for it. If it fails, you can let us know.
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    wts vortech asap!!!!!

    Do you want to accept payments or do you need a lump sum?
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    Steeda Short Throw, Diablo Tuner, Sonic Blue V6 Hood

    Damn! I forgot this existed. Did you ever call that dude?
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    I just got T-boned by a tractor-trailer in my '00 V6

    Man, That really sucks. reminds me of my crash in the sunfire. :/