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    Metal shavings on lifter body when removed

    The gauges on our cars are just dummy gauges, they work like a light, either show little over half or nothing.... I've cut open oil filters on diesel engines to check for oil pump damage, take a cutoff tool and cut through the metal case about 1/4" below the heavy metal top and pull it apart...
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    Metal shavings on lifter body when removed

    Any idea how much oil pressure it had before you took it apart? It could be oil pump damage if it was run low on oil....
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    2000 mustang t5 swap

    My swap was using a 98 trans, but my car already had a manual, and it had the gears with a mag pickup, I could be wrong but I thought 98 or 99 was last year for the gear set up....
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    2000 mustang t5 swap

    Looks like the company has went out of business, the only option I know of is either find a used one, it's called a Dallas mustang speedcal, or buy a tuner and get someone like BAMA to write a tune to correct it.....
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    2000 mustang t5 swap

    Either a tune or a signal converter....I have a 98 t5 in my 04 and I use a Dallas mustang speedometer converter.
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    2000 mustang t5 swap

    Has to be either in the ecm being on an auto before, or it's a 01-04 t5 I don't know for sure when the speedo sensor change from gear driven to just a magnetic pickup but the signal frequency is way different....
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    Sup everyone

    Welcome to the forum!
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    My Windstar swap

    Finally got around to putting it all together. Just thought I'd share few pictures. 2004 base 3.9l, bama x4, shorty headers full 2 1/2" stainless exhaust with x pipe and flow master delta 40, t-5, 8.8 Trac loc with 3.73, bama sct x4, the swap gave it alot more low end. Haven't taken it out of...
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    V6 throttle issue

    Search this forum, I had to make a baffle for my iac.....I have a kn fipk cold air and have found by making a cover over the top it helped my high idle when coasting above 20 mph....
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    ABS and tire slipping warning light

    Get someone to pull the codes, bet it's a wheel speed sensor...
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    It's some sort of spam bot or something.....several have sent messages to moderators with no response...
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    I know I have fixed many issues searching this board, would be a shame to see it go...
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    I used to enjoy looking threw and reading posts on this site.....looks like some sort of bot has taken it over....
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    Rich in one bank, lean in the other, equal on load

    A bent push rod, any kind of damage to the rocker arm will cause compressions like that....also remember you have Hyd roller lifters that can have an issue to, I've seen on Ls motors have valve to piston strikes and damage lifters and nothing else.
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    Need help with fuel pressure test

    My 04 3.9 doesn't have it either ...