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    AFR equation

    what kind of wideband are you using?
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    thanks. yeah i like it. i think it's a little better in person but the camcorder picked it up pretty good. i always see people a little ways ahead picking up their heads or turning around because they hear me coming. love it ha.
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    ok here's a clip of mine (exhaust - YouTube). a couple notes, 1) didn't see the remains of that blue rag under my left tail pipe until i saw the video ha, so just disregard that. was from a few days back when i was cleaning my pipes. 2) try to listen to it with a decent speaker setup to get...
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    i'll see if i can get you a video clip sometime this weekend.
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    Ticking Sound When Clutch Is Not Engaged...

    i have a RAM HDX, it's good for up to 450 hp and love it. have had 0 problems with it. it's a little cheaper than the Spec Stage 2 as well.
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    My New Exhaust System Thread

    i have the MAC long tubes with a catted BBK h-pipe and MAC cat-back, i absolutely LOVE the sound. i'm sure you'll be very pleased when you get done. the long tubes just wake everything up. it's very loud, you can hear me coming from a ways away. if you ever get envious of a nice V8 you just...
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    Is this an SVT Focus pump?

    +1. yes it must be the green top and that will hook right up, very easy switch.
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    need help from the experts (slow stang)

    + 1. you NEED O2 sensors, at least the 2 fronts. i don't know exactly how rich you are running but i'm sure if it doesn't solve your issue, it will improve it greatly. air = power. the more rich your mixture is, the less power you're going to be making. also, obviously, the more rich your...
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    need help from the experts (slow stang)

    i'm surprised nobody has said anything about his stated 0-60 time. 12.68? that is painfully slow. there has to be some sort of issue going on here. a Focus maybe 200 lbs off of it but ~30 less horsepower can do 0-60 in about 7.5 seconds. so the fact that you're close to double that just...
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    SCT Xcal3

    Justin at VMP now sells Dynojet widebands, not sure how they are. Don LaSota told me Zeitronix is the most accurate consumer-grade wideband he's seen, also saying most consumer grades aren't very accurate, especially Innovate's. just some information, for what it's worth.
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    SCT Xcal3

    VMP's email tunes are not the greatest. i would only use VMP again if i can go to Justin in person. but yeah in general, tuning is expensive. just buy SCT's tuning software. you save money and learn something very valuable.
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    CAI - install and tune, or not?

    CAI if you know you're going to sell the car sometime in the near future, i would sell it. they're $150 new on American Muscle so you can probably get a decent amount of money for it and put it toward your incoming midget. chances are you will not notice much of a difference with it anyway...
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    Trouble Removing 2000 V6 Starter Motor

    i did it about a year or 2 ago so i don't remember my method exactly but i was able to use a long 24" extension on the lower bolt i believe, coming through from the front of the engine bay and the upper bolt i believe i used a universal joint in combination with a smaller extension coming from...
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    mil + CEL=HELP Please

    i'm not too savvy when it comes to the electrical aspects but that's throwing a code for the front passenger's sensor, the MIL eliminators are for the rear sensors, no? so maybe there's something up with your front passenger sensor and/or the wiring. when i installed my long tubes, i didn't...
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    Finally got some OBDII Codes

    check to see if your EGR valve is stuck. if that is ok, i would look to the fuel system next. a stuck EGR valve can trigger both sets of your codes as well as fuel issues like messed up injectors, fuel pressure, etc...