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    2007 No Crank, No Start.

    I have a 2007 V6 Automatic that I drove fine all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon I went to start it and got nothing. You put the Key in it and turn it forward the fuel pump primes and everything powers up but when you press the brakes and got to start it the starter doesn't make a sound and the...
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    How much to ask for wheels

    Looking for some opinions, I have a set of aftermarket chrome 18" FR500 wheels for a 94-04 SN95 in pretty good shape they have tires but they are 4 mix matched tires 3 with 50% tread and one with belts showing. What would be a good asking price? I was thinking about 350.00 but I haven't...
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    1" H&R wheel spacers...

    I had these on my 1995 mustang with some FR500's. They are 1"/25mm Hubcentric spacers. part #5065705 same as H&R Trak+ Hubcentric Mustang Wheel Spacers - 25mm (Pair) 5065705 - Free Shipping! looking for around 80 shipped.
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    Caliper/ rims/tires/ exhaust

    I have a Pair of Chrome 17x9 Y2K Cobra R's at my parents house. Ill have to dig them out and have the tire/s removed. If your interested IM me and we can work something out...
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    Handicap Walker Box

    I know it sounds like an odd request and is a long shot but, Im looking for a box that a handicap walker would come in . Like the ones ypu would get at walgreens or a medical store with the picture on the outside. I just want a box to wrap my sister-in-laws christmas Gifts in as a Joke... if you...
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    what is the most harmless sensor to un-plug? **READ POST 38** **NEED INPUT**

    if you havent unhooked a sensor yet. I have a 1997 Grand Prix GTP, and the best sensor to unplug is the air intake temp sensor located on the air inlet tube between the air box and the tb. it should trip the CEL qucikly and all it does is messure the air temp coming into the engine in the...
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    WOOHOO!!!! It runs!!!!

    they were aluminum heads, I dont know to much about the 60degreev6's more of the L36/L67, my friend is a fiero nut and had an 1987 Gt fastback that he put the 3.1l turbo in... he sold it about 5 years ago and got a 86 se ttop now that he is working on building a NA 3.4L for
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    WOOHOO!!!! It runs!!!!

    the best flowing 60degreeV6 heads were from the 89-91 3.1L turbo used in the 1989-91 Grand Prix trubo/STE turbo
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    WOOHOO!!!! It runs!!!!

    I know the 3.4l from a firebird is a direct fit and the 3400 is almost a direct fit. also you can put in a 350 or lt1. and Ive seen quad4's(CRAP) and built iron dukes. but Ive always been a fan of the L67 swapped fiero's 3800 Series II SC FTW...
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    Used Car under $5k?

    1997-03 grand prix gt/gtp
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    new edge vs..... cavalier?

    the cavalier 3.1 5-speed was the Z24 model from 1990 to 1994 stock they are slow and not many aftermarket parts for them, but the engine is part of the 60 degree v6 famaily and has been around for a while. It is pretty easy to do a 3400 or 3500 swap into a 3.1L car and just swap sensors and use...
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    looking for advice from married/enguaged members...

    Ive been dating my girlfriend for a while now and am to the point where i feel its time to ask her to marry me. but heres where i could use some help. me and her are both a little old fashion. and i want to ask her parents for their blessing on asking for her hand, so i was wondering on the...
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    Cant decide what to get for my next car, need input

    Id go with the 500.00 civic, it might be an auto but it leaves you with more gas money and if cars get abused/bumped there its a car you dont have to worry about...
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    anyone have carfax?

    Im lookin at getting a new fun car, can anyone run a carfax for me? if so please email or Pm me, thanks...
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    So what is the best movie ever?

    jurassic park