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    2015 3.7L Initial Mods (Warranty Preserving) -- Need Feedback/Suggestions

    This appears to be an older post with little to no responses. But since I was sent an email ad for visiting site I decided to take a look. First off, not sure why the person above said, "Tell me you got the manual transmission". I can only guess he/she prefers a manual. But of course an auto...
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    My Cars

    2014 Ruby Red V6 Premium automatic, MCA, Performance Package, Security Package, Comfort Package So far: BBK Shorties(what a job) MMD Hood Struts Plasti-Dip Faux Gas Cap Next: Borla Touring A/B's Tune MMD Black Fuel Door CAI (maybe)
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    hp cold air intake

    There's a difference in opinions on whether a so-called CAI will add any HP to a 2014 3.7L engine. Some say no added HP. Some say if you add a tune. Of course a tune by it self will add HP. The stock CAI is exactly the same as the one they use for the GT so it's not lacking any flow...