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    hello from Dom

    HOLY ......he DOESN'T joke around does he :eyetwitch:
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    Buzz about the 2015 Mustang. *Update post #42*

    in other words don't mess with Brent xD nice job with the reveal, DO try to spoil the 2015, wait is that legal xD
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    hello from Dom

    Thanks Pinto Beast, it's really nice to be here, do you mind if i ask what your ride is?
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    Ford 2011 - 2013 Mustang Owners Gude

    i tried to download the Owners Guide and couldn't so i will post one from a page whre i got one for my last car i hope it won't be a problem Ford : Service And Repair Manuals
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    The 2015 Mustang Revealed! The New S550s Front End

    the car kinda looks like a combination of aston martin and jaguar, we can only wait and be continued :kgmx:
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    Buzz about the 2015 Mustang. *Update post #42*

    they need a better way to promote their cars. the camaro is very popular since the first part of transformers came out, ford did have a representative in the "evil" forces in the movie, but the car was trashed which sends a bad subliminal message. it's just because people are so easily...
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    hello from Dom

    Thank you Brent
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    Download Our Free Android App

    looking good :) damn i have to get another Tab, my wife snatched mine hahahaa
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    hello from Dom

    my name is Dominic, but everybody i know calls me Dom, i wanna greet all forum's vets and the new people, i am new here myself. reason for joining is i am looking for some Mustang wisdom on i never had a Mustang before but i want to get one now so i joined to see what the experts have to say, i...