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    96 3.8 Mustang & 93 Thunderbird SC parts

    I have a 96-01 Timing Cover/water pump combo that have about 5-6000 miles on them. I have a 1993 Ford Thunderbird SC complete Swap set up minus the SC radiator for sale. The SC heads have Comp 942 springs with hardend retainers. I have a set of 1996 Mustang 3.8l Headers for sale I have a...
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    Need serious help

    Two intake bolts will have treads on both ends. Are you able to take pictures of the bolts in question? I have an engine out of the car that I can help reference with.
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    Need serious help

    I picked up the service manual from Ebay. I'll try to post some pictures up tonight. Are you just in need of specs and sequence, or do you also need to know where the bolts go? To confirm on your head bolt torque. Did you do a three stage torque sequence followed by loosening one bolt at a...
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    Need serious help

    Dave, where did you get all the torque info for the head bolts, and rocker assemblys? I do have a factory Ford service manual for a 98 Mustang, and have torn down my v6 more times than I would like to admit. I'm sure we can get you on track for assembly. Did you remove the timing cover or...
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    99-00 3.8L - Misc Parts for Sale -

    The lower intake manifold is gone, and Lonnie has asked for the fuel rail. I have been crazy busy lately, and have not had time to update the thread. Lonnie, I have not forgot about you. I will be removing the M90 swap hopefully this weekend. I should have some goodies to post up soon...
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    99-00 3.8L - Misc Parts for Sale -

    The only thing I remember was the EGR tube gets close to the fuel lines, and I did not have A/C. Other than that it bolted right up, and I had no issues. I just decided to install the M90 supercharger back into the car which I will be removing hopefully in a couple weeks. I will have a bunch...
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    Supercoupe engine and transmission swap

    Depending how you run the inter cooler piping will depend if you need to mod the brake lines. When I did my swap, I used a Ford Explorer master cylinder, and custom bent the hard lines into the proportioning valve. Also, you should be able to use the mustang radiator, will need to use an...
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    3.8 5 speed will not start

    You could check the battery ground. Make sure it is good, tight, and clean. Also, verify the battery has a good charge, and if possible do a load test. I daily drive my Mustang, and mine sat for about 10-12 days. When I cranked it this morning the engine barley tuned over, but did start. I...
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    Supercoupe short block + mustang heads/Intake

    So to make sure I understand, your goal is to use a SC block, pistons, rods, crank, with the 00 mustang heads with the intention of adding a turbo? If so you should be able to use either timing covers, however I would suggest using the Timing cover/water pump from the mustang. The cooling...
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    silly high idle when engine is cold

    If you have a way to data log you could see what the engine temp is reading when cold, and when it is hot.
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    1997 3.8L Priming Oil System on Fresh Rebuild

    To prime you want to spin counter clockwise.
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    1997 Ford Mustang v6 3.8L HELP

    If it was me I would buy everything engine related under the hood. You will also need a spare 97 engine harness if you do not want to modify the current harness. You will need a custom tune by VMP tuning, or you can take it to a shop. How are you planning on doing the swap? it will bolt up...
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    New rear suspension is sitting higher on passenger side

    Try to swapping the coil springs side to side. Also, it would be a good idea to loosen the control arms, try to get the suspension in its most normal riding position, then tighten the control arms back up. If you don't do this you will have the suspension pre-loaded.