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    All Things Beer Thread

    Whoa, crazy that this thread still lives! Crazy to think I started it back in 2007!
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    Memorial Day Beer Thread

    I'm right there with you man. I've also been on a sour kick. There's a local brewery that makes an awesome berlinerweiss that I'm borderline obessed with right now
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    Memorial Day Beer Thread

    Working crazy amounts, hence dropping off the map here. DrinkCraftBeer also took off a bit over the last year. We got a lot more people coming to the site than before. Good to see you're still on here man.
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    Memorial Day Beer Thread

    That's a killer beer. I don't know what made me jump on 3.8 today. Prob haven't posted in a year or so. Got real busy with work and forums dropped off the radar. Thought I'd drop by and see who was still here.
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    Memorial Day Beer Thread

    So what's everyone drinking this weekend? Picked up a bunch of stuff at the store today: Peak Organic Summer Session Saison Dupont Clown Shoes Clementine Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison Troegs Sunshine Pils Side note: I wonder if there's anyone here who remembers who I am, guess...
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    Anyone know PHP? (solved

    I'm trying to do the following but I don't really know php. I need to parse a value from a url and append to a url on a page. in cases where that value doesn't exist I need to put a default value. I think the code should be something like this. Let's assume the URL is
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    My brother... sigh...

    he should lose it forever. 5 is insane, shoulda lost his license after 2 DUIs
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    Anyone that's had to put up with this..

    Here's the good news, those weren't the best years of your life. Your 20's will likely be better.
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    I Love You, Man

    it was full of awkward, but in a really funny way
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    Couple of Life Dilemmas.

    never talk money with anyone. period.
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    Suits are expensive

    400 is real cheap that and it'll last you years if you don't have to wear it a lot
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    St. Patrick's Day Beer Thread!

    prob with guinness is you need a nitro tank to pour it, so unless you already have a kegerator and a nitro tank, and the special spout it needs to pour it it's more trouble than it's worth.
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    St. Patrick's Day Beer Thread!

    eh, i'm getting a keg of miller lite, we'll have lots of good stuff on hand too, but it's a day about endurance, and you need lite beer to make it all day.
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    St. Patrick's Day Beer Thread!

    All the stouts we chose were Irish Dry Stouts, same style as Guinness, that's why the Sam Smith wasn't in it, though that is an amazing beer.
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    St. Patrick's Day Beer Thread!

    Hey all, Haven't done one of these in a while? What you all drinking for St. Patricks Day? I just did a huge stout tasting, read here: Also if you like the article do me a favor and digg it...