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Nov 28, 2019
Jun 5, 2001
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Kansas City


Never surrender!!!, from Kansas City

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Nov 28, 2019
    1. gazo15
      Why cant I post or post replys???
    2. Meehlimo
      yo y was my hood for sale thread deleted? i posted pictures n followed forum rules what gives?
    3. chris.york31
      hey man can you delete my post in the for sale forum, the car is sold and not it's just useless bitching that's staying that the top of the forum so if u could it would help all of us
    4. K33NAN
      hey, i recently bought a bumper off of NEA. i sent the money on friday. he said it would be shipped out on monday and he would send me a tracking number. it is now tuesday night and i still havent heard anything back. his profile shows that he hasnt been on in a few days and i am beginning to worry. he never left me a phone number or anything. do you know what i should do?
    5. blackpony
      hey im trying to make a new thread in the for sale sections but it wont let me?? am i doing something wrong? im new
    6. mvschartz
      I cant post on the for sale? can that be changed? thanks a bunch
    7. Hell_Razor
      You need 30-40
    8. chris.york31
      hey i have been a member since last year, and i have 16 posts why can i not post in the for sale forum ?
    9. tonto
      need to be able to post ad for want to buy.....need seats, mirrors visors etc....cant post
    10. Hell_Razor
      Shoot a PM over to Jester4kicks, he has some contacts who might be able to help you get your money back.
    11. Meehlimo
      is there anything on a site level you can do? im at a loss at the moment as what to do.
    12. Meehlimo
      hey a member of this board JustSpeed7 bas been dodging private msgs about a refund of my money. he owes me 378 dollers for a bumper he has never sent me over the course of a month. can you pm him please and ask him to refund me. he seems to have time to sell many other parts but not refund me my money. its been a week since iv last heard from him over a month since i sent him the money. hes clearly avoiding me.
    13. gteclipse01
      I iwish to sell on this forum. who do i contact
    14. Drachnem
      Hello, I bought vents off a member and paid him via paypal. He has yet to send me the items even after I have asked him what is going on and if I could get a tracking number.

      User who I bought the item from: hostil01gt
      Item bought: 2 vents (dark grey on the dash triangle shaped)
      Amount Paid: $15.00

      I assume there is not much you can do, maybe let him know he needs to send the item, I didn't want to post about this I figured I would inform you first and see if there was anything you could do.
    15. 1MEANSNAKE
      Hi, I signed up last week and I am unable to post anything? I can PM etc, but nothing else.

      Thanks for the help,
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