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    Power distribution box has cracked terminal

    I need to replace the power distribution box or engine bay fuse box. I did a dummy move and cracked the terminal where the battery cables meet. As a result, the terminal will come loose abs the car will die while driving. Big no no. How do I replace it? Is there a procedure to do it?
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    Need help identifying hose.

    Also, how do I remove the old one? Just remove it but using a claw tool or pliers?
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    Need help identifying hose.

    Decided to just buy a replacement. I'll change it all this weekend when I do the spark plugs, wires and coil.
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    Need help identifying hose.

    I was going to change my spark plugs by removing my air intake hose but I have a problem. There's what appears to be a vacuum hose that is just before the throttle body that needs to be separated. It's really old and cracked everywhere like a lizard's skin. Because of this, I need to replace...
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    2001 V6 3.8 Coolant Temp Sensor

    +1 I had to deal with this years ago but it was for the AC Compressor. Was able to buy a used one for 30 bucks on eBay. Conversely, you can open it and order the exact same fuze and replace it yourself rather than buy a whole assembly but that's way too much work in my opinion. Though it can...
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    Ignition tune up questions.

    Gotcha. I picked motorcraft finewire platinum sp486. They look good. I just saw what the Haynes manual said and wasn't sure.
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    3.8 engine swap - running rough and have an extra plug

    Sounds like the fuel system isn't doing it's doing job or your Catayltic converter is clogged. Also possible transmission fluid got into another system and caused that smell, but that's the least likley cause. Check your fuel and emissions.
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    2000 V6 Mustang vibration problems

    Did you figure out what was the issue?
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    Would this item work on Mustang Fuel Injectors?

    I've seen the MMO and heard it talked up. If it's that good, I'll get a jug of it at walmart. There's nothing wrong with my fuel injectors as far as I can tell. Just trying to see if something should arise, since my car is at 152k and I bought it at 108k. I regularly use pure 87 unleaded from a...
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    Would this item work on Mustang Fuel Injectors?

    US Auto Car Vehicles Tool Universal Fuel Injector Flush Cleaner Adapter Kit Set | eBay Would this work to clean the fuel injectors? Seems simple enough.
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    1998 acceleration problem.

    Have you tried to clean it? If you decide to replace, try to stick to motorcraft when it comes to sensors. I have no clue what else it could be. Edit. Could be the ECU needs to be reset. Now that I think about it. Also could be bad fuel pressure. What brand of fuel pump did you use?
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    Ignition tune up questions.

    Okay, that's good to know. I was told it would throw the torque off and break it if over tightened. It will depend on how it looks but I got a lot of dielectric grease. Thanks again.
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    Ignition tune up questions.

    One last thing. Do spark plug wires need to be lubricated? Haynes manual says to do so but almost everywhere I read says not to do so. I'm using motorcraft, so is it okay not too?
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    Ignition tune up questions.

    Decided to go OEM motorcraft. As far as the coil packs, I'll go Accel. I'll get MSD 8.5 wires as well.
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    2004 v6 Tuner

    You'll be hard pressed to find someone willing to for that for 75. Save up money and go see a pro.