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    engine light

    does the 2001 ford mustang 3.8 have a engine light or just a service engine soo light cause i have been looking all over the internet but still cant find it
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    misfiring now

    so i got mustang 2001 ford mustang to run and it is misfiring pretty bad i got new a new coil pack and wires put on it and im going to replace the spark plugs any other thinks i should check gas is coming out the exhaust and i dont have an engine light on start up
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    Help testing crank sensor por favor

    did you figure out the problem
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    Comment by 'jacobneed help222' in item 'Just a 6 Drift'

    any updates hows it going so far
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    2001 V6 Ford Mustang trouble starting when hot

    buy a can on ether and when it happens spray some if it runs your injectors are bad very common problem
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    completed head gasket 1 problem

    thx for the help but it was the crankshaft position sensor
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    car wont start

    did a head gasket and forgot to plug in the the crankshaft sensor so i had no spark later pluged it in and now car cranks and misfires but wont start any ideas coils are good and its getting fuel sound exactly like this
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    completed head gasket 1 problem

    thx man i really appreciate it
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    completed head gasket 1 problem

    i dont know where this 1 clip plugs into the wire slit into 2 one side connects to the cam position sensor
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    stripped bolt tips

    i have a stripped bolt in a tight place any tips i really need help :(
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    My manifold bolt is stripped

    im doing a head gasket so i need to take the manifold off
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    My manifold bolt is stripped

    where my manifold conects to the cat my manifold is stripped what can i do its in a pretty tight spot takes 3 extentions just to reach it
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    cant get water pump off

    thx that helped alot
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    cant get water pump off

    replaceing my water pump and there is a metal hose at the top i undid the bolt its pretty stuck on there i dont want to break it