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    Body Kit

    I’m just returning to say hi. My mustang is long gone, but my legacy lives on here :)
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    aftermarket side mirrors

    i personally would not get these, however, you might be retarded, if so, then get them! (then post pictures) lol @ this thread
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    lf for pic of stock v6 wheels painted black

    Exactly what I was looking for amrcnidyot, thanks for the help guys!
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    lf for pic of stock v6 wheels painted black

    heh i called it a lip, i just dont like fully black wheels
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    lf for pic of stock v6 wheels painted black

    Title says it, ive been searching, but cannot find a single pic. Wanted to see how they look painted black W/ the lip remaining silver. Thanks alot. pic of wheels
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    Increase performance

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    mac exhaust

    i know questions about the this exhaust are asked countless times, i searched but couldent find one for my question this pertains to the MAC direct bolt on y-pipe cat back my questions are: how much louder is is then stock? and is it very loud when gunning it 0-60. thanks
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    MAC Exhaust drive-by clip ?

    are there any clips of a drive-by with a MAC flowpath setup, paticularly the y-pipe bolt on system. the reason im asking is because thats the one i want to order and im worried i wont like it. i searched but i only found vids of revving. thanks in advance
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    burn out with one tire ??

    ight, ill look into those, thanks alot for the help :thumbup:
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    burn out with one tire ??

    know how much it might cost for t-lok and 4.10's?
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    burn out with one tire ??

    ah, thanks alot for the quick responses. good to see there isint anything wrong :)
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    burn out with one tire ??

    hey im not sure if this is in the right forum (please move if not) but i have a quick, random question. I dont burn out much, just once in a while with friends, but whenever i do, afterward there is only one tread mark (the right tire). any reason why this may be?? its like im only getting...
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    SpinTech Side Exhaust on Convertible..?

    Hey, im looking into the Y-pipe SpinTech dual side exhausts and I was wondering..will they fit onto an '02 convertible? any sound clips would be nice too ;) thanks
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    Body Kit

    sorry for the late reply, thanks for all the feedback