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    Official Zombie Apocalypse Thread

    were at? a 240b would be much more manageable ;-) the mk19 would be good for crowds though!
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    Computer Certifications/Degrees

    I have my AAS in net admin, and never ever used it. A 2 year degree will only get you a entry level job these days but i guess thats at least a job....
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    2005+ C-Pillar Scoops/TailLights/Rear Louvers

    open to offers
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    2005+ C-Pillar Scoops/TailLights/Rear Louvers

    I have several parts that fit 2005 and up mustangs, these were on my brothers 2009 Bullitt Mustang. All prices are plus shipping, but are somewhat negotiable. Black Painted C-pillar scoops $100 Factory Tail Lights $100 Lower grill insert and rear reflectors ??(i really don't know what they...
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    Aftermarket Radio: Help

    the first harness listed is the correct one, the 1770 is the older style harness used in the sn95, the harness changed again in 2004
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    Putting an AUX input somewhere

    Isimple makes a cable kit IS335 that has a mountable aux plug in it to make a really clean install Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future
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    parting 96-98 cobra parts...Cleveland, Ohio

    wouldnt happen to have any of the factory mach 460 harness or plugs would ya?
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    2009 GT parts

    ;-) just had to get the thread started before i forgot to do it lol
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    2009 GT parts

    OK so my brother sold his 2009 Bullitt so im helping him sell his leftovers. Have the factory 18" wheels with good tires, abs rear window louvers, c-pillar scoops, factory taillights, factory crank pulley, and a few more items. Also have parts that fit a 2004 f150 fx4, light bar, bull bar...
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    Stereo Guy now in TN ;-)

    yea i only been on here for short periods of time here and there for last few years, i get on a kick for a week or so from time to time then disappear for a while edit- wow i have been on but its been 2 years since ive actually posted!!
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    Stereo Guy now in TN ;-)

    So just giving anyone that wants to know the heads up, i have moved to the Cookeville TN area, so need any stereo help or just random mustang help in that area, feel free to give me a shout! Also any good shows around keep me informed im working at Innovative Audio in Cookeville so i can...
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    Forza 3

    they will have special demos setup at motorsports nationals in Atlanta this weekend (xbox is a show sponser)
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    2 Digital Designs 1500 series 12s!

    why selling them already :-(
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    lots of factory 04 GT parts!

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