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    Borla S muffler ringing noise

    I bought these Borla S types used. Past owner said 10000 miles on them and they are clean. However, when I step on it, I hear what I describe as a ringing noise. I have been told that it's the mufflers, but nothing specific. I put my vacuum cleaner on blow and connected it to each tail pipe to...
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    Shaker sound system

    My MCA 2014 has the shaker sound system. It is plenty loud and has good bass, but it is missing the treble. Can anybody recommend speakers for the shaker stereo? I heard somewhere that I am stuck with what I have whereas if i had the standard sound system, this would be upgradeable. it almost...
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    Ok then Great minds thing alike !

    Ok then Great minds thing alike !
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    First Mustang!!! Need Help w Appearance MOD's

    I am looking at Borla S axle back exhaust. They are a little pricier but man do they sound sweet! Search them out on youtube or the Borla site