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    Still looking for some Bullitts...

    Still looking for some Bullitts?
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    For sale: 4 17x8 Bullitt wheels

    Yep, this is getting pretty old! LOL! Still want 'em? They're still for sale.
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    For sale: 4 17x8 Bullitt wheels

    Help me out here, Flex. I'm still getting the same thing. From zip code: 38060 To zip code: T6A 3C5 Package dimensions: 20x20x12 (I don't have a box yet for them, so I'm guessing here.) Weight: I think they weigh ~30-35 lbs. each. Let's figure 40.
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    For sale: 4 17x8 Bullitt wheels

    Wow! Let me check again. I may have checked something wrong. I'll get back with you on shipping.
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    For sale: 4 17x8 Bullitt wheels

    Hey man, it's been a long time. I checked with and depending on the size of the package(s), shipping will run more than what I'm asking for the wheels. It was over $100 per wheel shipped the cheap way! Is there any way I could ship them to you some place in the States and you could...
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    For sale: 4 17x8 Bullitt wheels

    Came off of a 2003 GT. I think the color is called Anthracite Gray. I can't remember. They're the stock Bullitts in great condition. Asking $300 + shipping. Might be able to post some pics later if I can find a camera.
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    Anyone fought a red light camera ticket before? (pic)

    2 "hiding" at an Exxon 2 "hiding" at whatever the gas station across the street is 1 in the median on Germantown Rd 1 in the median on Wolf River I passed another 2 going opposite directions on Germantown Rd. Oh yeah, I forgot the one that lives in the parking lot at Germantown and Neshoba...
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    Anyone fought a red light camera ticket before? (pic)

    I counted 8 G'town cops at Wolf River and Germantown Rd. this afternoon. ...and there's a camera at that light. How many cops do you need at 1 intersection to control traffic?
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    Spring suggestions

    Stock Mach 1 or Bullitt springs are a little firmer and don't lower the car very much. You might see ~3/4" drop. They ride like stock V6 springs but handle a little better due to the spring rate.
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    Anyone fought a red light camera ticket before? (pic)

    Around here if you're caught running a red light, it's a $50 fine and it doesn't go on your record or insurance.
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    Any interest in stock springs?

    Still 1 set left.
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    Thermotec COOL-IT PLUG WIRE SLEEVES = good or snake oil?

    Race car - Yeah, ok, maybe I can see them doing some good. Engine heat can get severe when you run WOT for extended periods. It would be a good idea to keep the plug wires from melting as they exit the plug location. Street car - they sure are purty! :D
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    exhaust questions

    ANY new exhaust system will ONLY void the warramty on your factory exhaust. The rest of the car will still be under warranty unless they can prove the new exhaust caused a problem with ??? You should be ok with ANY exhaust system. It's just some pipes and some mufflers!
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    Retrobuilt Offers 1969 Shelby GT500CS Conversion

    Yeah, close but no cigar!