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    GT Body Conversion Parts

    :lol: :lol: yeah, and i doubt the fog lights are still in the bumper
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    GT Body Conversion Parts

    :lol: :lol: yeah, and i doubt the fog lights are still in the bumper
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    want to put stang parts on a tbird

    ha ha man, the only thing u want off a 3.8 is our exhaust manifold... pretty much shorty headers, other than that look into the thunderbird supercoupe... supercharged 3.8 :D
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    RIP V6M

    ur the only one who can... i could be wrong but last i checked ur the only one who is not just a member that still gets on here....
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    RIP V6M

    lol ive spent my time on anyone who hates fart cans is more than welcome :D a year ago this site was filled with all kinds of new users and also the gurus of V6 performance here to give all kinds of great advice... fast forward a year noooooooooooothin... and i...
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    RIP V6M

    i check in a bit to see if anyone actually vomes back, but nothin, all i find is spam... guess its time to find us a new V6 mustang site....
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    RIP V6M

    guess this site is officially gone.... RIP :puppydogeyes: :cry: :bad-words:
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    random buncha pics

    lol well i can always rethink it... :lol: i dont know most likely i wont go that low, TBH, i know they dont make them that low and i sure as HELL wont cut them, it just ****s everything else up, i just like my **** low... :mrgreen: you kno, i went to school with a guy who decided that the...
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    random buncha pics

    im not THAT worried about it, kuz its not my daily driver, and i know a dude whose actually got the 3" drop and it looks good, but leaves enough space for the usual driving... gotta take the speedbumps sideways, thou lol
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    Need help to find the best way to upgrade my stock v6

    exhaust... its debatably the best first upgrade you can make... and if i had to pick to keep only one mod on my car, it would b between exhaust and wheels... exhaust if im on a budget :lol:
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    new to Ford..........

    yeah they will charge u and arm and a leg too... exhaust, just talk to your local exhaust shop, and theyll hook u up with a good exhaust... CAI well just look around... if u do ur work shoppin, youll find good deals :D btw, nice stang, and badass lookin truck too
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    new to the forum..1995 mustang v6 need suggestions..

    lol it might not b everyday that u see a domestic to go into drifting, but dont let it keep u from it... keep this in mind, and one time the top 2 drifters were a Viper and a Mustang, so it CAN b done :lol: :lol: just goes to show with the right driver, a Mustang can do ANYTHING :D
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    random buncha pics

    in that case i guess u didnt read my captions.... :lol:
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    I want to get a truck

    hell yeah white with all black trim would b SWEET... =] and slam on some skyjacker on it and some big ol' muddin tires thou :D its what id do if i had a truck :D