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    My Day Sucks Because

    It ended up being $1700 total. It's annoying because it's so much, but he was a free cat and has been extremely low maintenance for the past 10 years so I guess it sort of evens out. Now he's the same cat as always, just without teeth and with a lot more drool.
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    2010 Mustang V6 premium... slow build

    Nice, those tips are a marked improvement.
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    Modding the 3.9 for "cheap"

    Even on a stock motor, the tune is completely worth the cost. It is roughly the same cost as a dual exhaust system and you can't fully appreciate one without the other. Better to buy the tuner first because you can enjoy it right away without a CEL.
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    My Day Sucks Because

    My day sucks because I just dropped my cat off at the vet to have several infected teeth removed. 10 years old, has only been to the vet twice to get shots and neutered..... Three days ago his gums flare up and now it's going to cost about $1000. It's not cat cancer (Sad to see that, Holly) but...
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    Modding the 3.9 for "cheap"

    negative, mostly.
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    Modding the 3.9 for "cheap"

    Your heads in the right place, but shorty headers work best on these engines. Longtubes are good if you're going FI, but who does that.
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    Modding the 3.9 for "cheap"

    If you're worried at all about fuel economy, I wouldn't bother with the 4.10 gears or locking diff. Intake/tune/exhaust will make for a very peppy car and fuel economy should be noticeably better on highway and depending on how heavy your foot is, noticeably worse in town. This is a V6 Mustang...
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    2010 Mustang V6 premium... slow build

    I remember when the 2010's came out, I still had my 03 auto and some goober with paper tags tried to race me and my 7 year old 4spd V6 with exhaust and tune pulled on him till I shut it down at 90. I let the dude get up next to me and smiled at him, tried to wave him over to say hey and check...
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    Official Video Game thread...

    I am definitely more interested in a new SNES than I was the NES Classic. If I could get it with Super Mario RPG I would do what/who ever it takes to get one.
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    What kind of cars is everyone into these days (if any)?

    I'm really into small fwd cars. Because I have one.
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    Tried Night Shots

    The last one is my favorite. Nice work, you're only going to get better.
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    Ford Introduces Innovative Airbag Design On New 2015 Mustang

    I'd heard about the active glovebox airbag when researching the new Edge, but didn't know it was coming to Mustang first. Nice to see Ford doing some innovating while everyone else spins their wheels...
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    Normie huh? Now I have this sudden urge to know everything about you.
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    Auto Transmission shift points with performance chips

    With my SCT Flash Tuner with a generic tune, the amount you can change the gear depends on what gear you're changing. It's only by 2 or 3 mph. You can also change the shift firmness, but I never really noticed a difference. It was hard or slightly harder.