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    Where have all the moderates gone?
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    2003 base V6 Mustang Bumper Cover

    You have to go to the dealership or buy one used. All the aftermarket ones are smooth.
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    Best Intake Manifold to Swap Onto Split-Port 3.8 For HP, TQ, and Ability To Handle BOOST

    My vehicle was bolt ons and rocker armso, I have no idea about boost. I do not remember any old 4.2 post about intakes with boost. I could only find 2 years ago with no instructions on how to do the conversion. You will have to relocate a few things like the coil pack. It is a very easy...
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    Best Intake Manifold to Swap Onto Split-Port 3.8 For HP, TQ, and Ability To Handle BOOST

    I had the F150 intake. You would need a Cobra racing hood because of clearance issues. It is a much easier to convert. It has great low end torque. But it will be more gas because it spits and sputters below 1500 RPMs. I tried it with and without a tune. 1500 rpms is the beginner sweet spot. You...
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    Rear Sway Bar Install

    I got one at the recycle center for ten dollars. It was worth the modification.
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    Question for Convertible owners regarding the boot...

    Convertible seats do not come down. I guess it is because the convertible pump it right behind the seat.
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    What stereo?

    The Mach 460 amps are under the rear deck speakers in the trunk. It should wire up the same with a wireing harness. I am not 100% sure.
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    1994 tail light and rear spoiler questions

    I saw a 95 with 96-98 rear lights on Craigslist.
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    Comment by 'mustangmansam' in item 'My mustang'

    Is that a Roush!?
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    1999 Mustang convertible seal

    They have the wrong seals. I have done a extensive search. The dealership does not have them along with 30 internet dead end searches.
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    Clutch pedal travel & throttle hang

    Put your foot underneath the clutch petal and pull up. That is how you a just the clutch petal.
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    Remote door device

    Your key has a chip in it that is linked to PATS. This passive anti theft system stops our cars from getting stolen. You can get the keys and the remote lock cheep on the internet. The remote lock can easily be programmed. The key programer is expensive. The dealership and locksmiths make you...
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    Remote door device

    Be carefully because you can mess up the window track. That is a pain in the butt to replace. The car will get rained in if you mess up the track Just use a wedge if you have one. A close hanger will work. A wedge or a door stop.
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    Remote door device

    You have to reprogram it with the key in the ignition. Sorry. That sucks.
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    1999 Mustang convertible seal

    I can not find a new seal that goes between the front window and the convertible. The seal is worn out and need to be replaced on both sides. My searches have not produced any promising results. Help!!!!