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  • Sorry about that last comment, I was pretty drunk when I wrote that...
    Hey orguss.

    I passed all my exams, and I am getting my diploma on saturday.
    I might hvae to make up some credits over the summer, because my GPA ais too low. But for now, my 4X24 packs of Carlsberg and 2 bottles of 93% red Absinthe needs to be taken care of. :p
    Hello Orguss. :)

    Looks like, the sonoma thing didnt work out. But if I get an A in my next exsam on wednesday, I will get in to a university here, and then spend one semester in Denmark, then one in Asia, and then two semesters in the US, and it gets better, they will be spend in UCSF :) keep your fngers crosed for me on wednesday ;)
    Hey, I think I got in to Santa Rosa JC (I got quite an odd mail, but what I from I understand I got accepted), so I will be there in july. :D
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